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'Editor Day Book In your issue of
Dec. 10 there is reference to a Nash
ville, Tenn., whisky ad in, Hearst's
American, and I am curious to know
how a distillery in a dry state is ad
vertising atjalL Iii their recent out
burst of self-praise over the entrance
of four new states to the drjr column,
the Prohibition party announced
that they now had fourteen states,
and Tennessee was one of them.
The population of- these four new
, sections of dry territory probably
does not greatly exceed that of the
one city of Chicago.
Whilst on this DRY subject, it is in
teresting to note the connection be
tween low wages and prohibition. The
agricultural department recently is
sued a list of wages paid farm labor
ers in the various states. Nevada paid
the "highest, with Montana a close
second. These two states, as far as
liquor is concerned, are the most
wide-open in the union. The lowest
agricultural wage-paying state was a
dry pne, North Carolina.
I am not advocating the. drinking
of "Spitz beer In blue bottles," but
perhaps a mere man is justified in
being suspicious of a law for his ben
efit, whose chief advocates are big
employers of labor, fighting parsons
and women.
Light hurts beer and wouldn-'t seem
to improve prohibition any. William
Burton, Apex, Montana.
' Editor of Day Book. In one of the
recent issues of the Chicago Daily
Newsr'a plan of relief for the Bel
giums something on this order was
given, supposed to have been' made
by Secretary Bryan, Cardinal Gib
bons and a few other Cardinals:
"Import as many 'of the Catholic
'BelgiumB as we-can. induce to come
over, and send .them down: to some of
our southern states and colonize.
Give -each, maiuqr .family. oahoutJB&ikwaJk,?
acres of land, and the buildings need
ed, and a horseT a. cow, a pig, a few
chickens, a church and schoolhouse.
priest and teacher, and other so-call
ed necessities of life..
Now, why.pick on the Belgiums all
the time? If they have .so muck
land and other 'things to give away,
all they have to do is to make an.
offer like that to the working people
of this city and I am sure, they would
get more people than they had bar
gained for. I know quite a number
of men right now that would jump at
just such a chance, and this would
save Secretary Bryan, Cardinal Gib
bons and the rest of them, the-expense
of bringing people from Bel
gium, and, best of 'all, save them 'the
expense of a priest and several other
things which a ', priest must have
around him.-
I would like to hear-the opinion of
others on this subject '- Tours for a,
square deal for alL A. Erickson.
s Editor Day Book. Why-do our inf.
Tstitutions so strenuously object -to
the spreading of eugenics ancFbar the
sex question from public discussion?'
Because our political Christianity
fears progress and with-it the end. of
ignorance. Its desire is to give the
foreign element full sway and choke
the American spirit of liberty which
points toward its development into a
savior nation. '
Are we, as Americans, to allow our
selves to be dictated to and onr edu
'cational systems run by foreign ele
ment? Indeed not We must, and will, use
the evangelical spirit that prompted
George Washington to rise and in our
hearts realize the guiding spirit of
Christ Thinking good thought,
speaking good thought and doing, the
works of good thought and words,
such deeds will counteract the eTil
spreading doctrines of political Chris
tianity or anti-Christ Keep looking
in front of you and "read as you
TjothjsjegdJet altgrtngg
hjEsL- frlfe; &&& & hfe-fet-kt 4k .w-y'&.j-

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