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pliable. If this oil is constantly wash
ed away, then we must supply a man
ufactured emolient that will do the
work of which we have robbed na
ture. Very few girls take nroper care of
their hands. True, more of them now
adays than in our mother's time man
icure their nails regularly, but after
doing that many of them think all
work is done so far as beautifying is
The hands should be rubbed with
some good cold cream every morn
ing after the bath.
A woman with the most beautiful
hands I know is over forty, with skin
the texture and tint of youth. She
has kept them beautiful by soaking
them at least pnce a month in warm
olive oil, rubbing them and washing
them in the oil.
After this oil bath her hands, wiped .
as dry as possible, are encased in
large kid gloves for the night.
If, when .you arise each morning,
you go through a' little exercise of
opening and shutting your fingers,
one at a time, slowly and tightly, you
will find it will make hands supple.
If you take good care of your hands
you need never worry about using
them to work.
The only thing to remember is
that, when you wash the oil out of
them, you must afterwards put some
back again.
Don't tan your hands needlessly,
for skin, once sunburned, will never
regain its texture or whiteness.
PUN! Heaps o' fun a regular fun
f est is the new feather game.
If you are 50 and sort of "settled
f down" get a feather. Blow it, chase
j it, keep it going, run it down if you
can, keep a-blowin, "make your
chimney smoke" until there's not a
whiff ot bad air in your lungs. Wheu
the game's over you'll feel like a
frolicsome kitten or a playful baby
and your cares will be floating away
in the wake of a feather.
If you are "sweet 16" "chase the
feather" is the game for you. It's
faster than the tango, just as jolly
and it spells health as fell as fun.
No matter who you are, how you
are, or where you. are, the feather
game's the game for you. It's light
hearted, light-footed and frisky and
every one wants to be 1. h., 1. f. and f.
It it's speed you like, there's no speed
limit to the feather chasing game,
you can blow your goose feather or
turkey feather just as hard as you
like, the harder you blow the better
it will be for your lungs, the nimbler
you'll be on your feet, the keener
you'll be in your thought dome.
If you want to side step the doctors,
cheat the insane asylums and the rest
cures, grab off a feather, blow it,
chase it, get your friends to join in
the chase, puff out your cheeks until
wrinkles turn to limples, hop and
skipand bend and dip until your mus
cles are limber as elastic.
The feather game is new, but it's
spreading fast and far. They're play
ing it all over the country. Business
men are chasing the feather at lunch
hour in the gym; children are danc
ing around the school yards blowing
at the elusive dab of down; doctors
are telling their women patients to
play the feather game for health and
The stunt is to toss a feather in the
air, and then keep it thereby blowing.
If you get a roomful of guests doing
it, each with his own feather, the fun
is fast and furious, and the danger to
furniture and bric-a-brac adds excite
ment to the sport.
Color the feathers so each con
testant can distinguish his own, and
then offer a prize to the person who
keeps his feather longest in the air.
The game is great for everybody
from three-year-old to grandma, , s
- d.Mh-i'-

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