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Editor Day Book Jane Addams
has been interviewed by Jane Whit
aker and asked if she thinks prosti
tution can be done away with. In
her answer, printed in The Day Book
Jan. 2, she says in part:
"The closing of the segregated dis
trict may have resulted in scatter-
ing the evil, but at least that is a pro
' tection to our young men, because
they do not know just where to go
and the segregated district symbol
izes vice, visualizes it.
What kind of young man isChi
cago bringing up that they need such
"protection?" Are they really worth
protecting? And is Miss Adams sure
the closing of the worst dens in the
"district" has saved any one? There
were "houses" in the old district
where women's bodies were exhibit
ed and sold by the "matron" like an
auctioneer sells cattle. A big room
would be filled with "our young
men," and older ones, too, who
viewed these women and then made
their choices. Their moral sense
wasn't shocked for the reason that
they had none.
When the houses of prostitution
are closed men of this kind will know
where to go. They will ge their de
sires gratified somewhere, somehow.
They are lacking all moral sense and
all human sympathy, and when they
cannot find prostitutes (because
they are scattered!) they will hunt
and find innocent and pure girls, as
is happening every day. And they
will treat them as heartlessly as the
prostitutes, as is also happening
every day.
Chicago, with all its "religion," its
Sunday schools and other schools, is.
bringing up a generation of cold,
cruel, soulless, selfish young men, de
void of all human sympathy, and a
generation of silly, foolish and weak
young women. The "religion" of the
churches is as dead as a herring and
doesn't touch a single problem of
human conduct It deals in prehis
toric and medieval superstitions and
does nothing else. The public schools
fail to develop a moral sense or any
human sympathies in the children.
The purpose of our so-called "higher
education" is only to enable the indi
vidual to live off the labor of others,
to "get on" in the world without do
ing any useful work, even to the ex
tent of trampling the other fellow
Miss Addams and others, please
don't say that any laws and restric
tions can save, protect or change the
men and women brought 'up under
the influence of such institutions.
Editor Day Book The general
tenor of your article of Dec. 5 is to
be commended. You endorse the de
mand of the unemployed for Justice.
That is all that any human being is
entitled to demand, and if justice pre
vailed in all the relations of life, and
in all the relations of all the people
to the earth upon which we must live,
if we live at all, there would be no
such thing any where upon the
earth as unemployment.
If justice was the rule in human in
stitutions there would be no poverty
and no fear of poverty upon earth
anywhere, for organized human
forces, based upon justice, would be
able to produce and distribute wealth
enough to place every human being
in comfort and ease
But if justice prevailed there would
be no millionaire or multimillionaires
upon earth. There would be no hum
an being foolish enough to desire to
be a millionaire.
To establish justice we must dis
cover it. To make justice effective
we must go to fundamentals and be
gin there. Otherwise our efforts will
be ineffectual.
This is where the single tax comes
in. It goes to the root of injustice

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