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and will remove-the primary injustice
that prevents all other efforts from
making better conditions.
The hideous, blighting, all-powerful
injustice in social and govern
mental institutions is-jthe institution
of land ownership that denies the
equal rights of the people to be upon
the earth. This injustice not only de
nies the right of human existence up
on the earth, but gives to the land
owner the power of appropriating
wealth that he does not earn, and
the power of forbidding the use of
the earth for the purpose of produc
ing wealth that is necessary to the
sustenance and welfare of non-landowners.
These powers are exerted
according to law and are approved
by the majority of people because of
These powers are the caise of hard
times and extreme poverty which pe
riodically curse humanity all over the
world. Their exercise is the primary
cause of all wars and alsa of most of
the crimes that fill our jails and peni
The beneficiaries of the special
privilege of land ownership control all
the avenues of intelligence. News
papers and periodicals of all kinds
bow to the power and few dare to en
lighten the people as to the funda
mental injustice that compels the
great mass of people everywhere on
earth to make a bargain with the
earthowner before they can have a
chance to earn an honest living.
This is the basic injustice that is so
concealed and hidden that we pass it
by and attack minor evils, wasting
our time and strength in doing things
for the common welfare, good in
themselves, but fruitless because they
but increase the power of the land
owners. We tax labor and capital to build
good roads and boulevards that in the
end only increase land values and
decrease wages and interest. Labor
and capital exert themselves to the
utmost to produce wealth, which can
only come from the earth, and the I
ultimate effect of their exertions is
to increase the wealth of landowners.
Single taxers insist the increase
of population, material progress, new
inventions that increase the power of
men to produce wealth, increase the
demand for land and financially bene
fit landlords only. Material .prosper
ity does not reach labor and capital,
but increases the tribcte that labor
and capital must pay before they are
allowed to produce the wealth.
This fundamental injustice may be
easily removed by taxing land values
only for public revenues.
These values are the result of civil
ization and material progress and are
produced by all the people. All the
people should receive what they pro
duce, to be distributed and expanded
in things that benefit all the people.
Every tax except the tax upon land
values should be abolished.
This would free labor and capital
from their bonds. Such abundant
opportunities for the production of
wealth would be open to men that
wages would rise to the full earnings
of labor. Unearned wealth would be
abolished, monopolies would be de
prived of their power to injure, gov
ernment would be simplified and
crime diminished.
The social condition of all peoples
would begin to improve the moment
it became apparent to men that this
injustice is about to be removed from
any considerable territory upon
earth. Ceo. V. Wells, 6050 South
Park av.
o o
When little Bennie brought the
milk off the front porch one cold ,
morning he found a pillar of the .
frozen fluid sticking out of the hot-"1
tie. "Oh, mamma," he cried, "I like ?
our new milkman!" ' .
"Is that so? Why?" asked the
Showing her the bottle, Bennie ex
claimed: "Our old milkman, barely
filled the bottle, but this one heaps
it up." Baltimore Sun
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