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can be remedied. Medical science has
found a remedy for nearly every hu
man ailment. Why cannot political
or social science find a remedy for
this social ailment of unemployment?
The French revolutionists were
right in looking upon the aristocrats
as their despoilers. But how about
our unemployed? They don't know
who is keeping them in that condi
tion. Surely it is not those much
abused corporations and other use
ful institutions, which are really
keeping people employed to the ex
tent that there is a demand for their
services or products.
We have one law which operates
as a deterrent upon business and In
dustry. To Illustrate: Today I met a
man with a colored diagram walking
from house to house and seeming
very much interested in each place
he visited. As he appeared an amia
ble sort of person I stopped to ex
change a few remarks. The first
words out of thislndividuaTs mouth
were a question as to whether the
buildings on that sbeet had cement
floors in the basements and whether
much had been done in the way of
improvements since last year.
The man was from the assessor's
office trying-to ascertain the extern
of the added wealth which had been
created in this street and to fine or
tax the guilty ones accordingly.
Now to erect a building or to im
prove It in any way gives employment
to labor. Why not encourage this by
taking off all taxes? J. Weiler, 1229
Macedonia st
CHICAGO'S POOR. I read with
interest the case of the McGuires and
the United Charities. Another Chris
tian act performed. People are out
of employment They should get a
job." Where? I presume in the Trib
where I have thus far answered 250
ads- and found most of them a big
fraud. You Bhould not steal. Neither
should you destroy your life. You
should not beg. Nevertheless, God's
bible reads: "Do not send a beggar I
from your door." Why do they ar
rest people for begging? Of course,
these so-called rich Christian folks
never felt the pang of cold and hun
ger. And If you wait for the United
Charities to obtain employment you
can simply starve to death. Chica
go's poor have my sympathy at heart.
Mrs. Louise Cuthbert, 1329 Cly
bourn av.
cannot chase flies with doors and
windows shut You might swat them
once for good, but surely you can't
stop them from annoying by merely
chasing them from one place to an
other. Segregation of vice is like the
flies, on one side; to scatter the pros
titutes Is to have flies all over.
Prostitution is an unavoidable
feature of CAPITALISM; the crea
tion of capitalism. In fact, capital
ism, upon a careful analysis, is noth
ing, less than prostitution itself, dis
guised by a business smile and hand
shake, may it sound though harsh to
you. It is prostituting of the very
soul and conscience in a legalized
Capitalism breeds prostitution, for
through it mammon coins the bodies
of the females into gold. Capitalism
can't help filling the world with pros
titution. It denies the people an op
portunity to elevate themselves out
of the animal state through an edu
cation. It denies them the possibility
to establish a home and live a nat
ural life of a father and mother. It
forces, through unemployment the
tender girls to sell their bodies for
the mere right to live. It also per
mits the sons of wealthy parasites to
tempt the poor girls by promises into
a life of shame, without fear of pun
ishment So there you have it; ignorance, in
nocence, helplessness, degradation
and the .iron law of nature, all con
fined in one cage, one at the mercy,
of the other. Shall we expect some
rights and order in that cage? Impossible.
.-.A--1- r-g.ja

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