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Justice, Not Charity. Henry Ford
hit the nail on the head when he said
that "justice, not charity, is what the
workers of the United States re
quire." The simplest and best solution of
many of our ills is a living wage for
everybody who is able and old enough
to work.
If the young men were paid a wage
on which they could marry and raise
and educate a family there would be
more marrying and less trouble with
the sex problem and the so-called so
cial evil.
There would be less vige and less
crime. There would be fewer In
mates in our prisons, deaf and dumb,
blind and insane asylums and other
institutions for defectives.
There is little incentive for a man
to commit crime or go far in vice if
he is earning a fair living wage or
getting justice in the way of his fair
share of what he produces.
When we read newspaper stories of
crime we get the effect, not the
cause. What prompted the crime is
seldom told. There may have been
a starving family, sickness without
money to pay doctor's bills Lord
only knows what All we ask is
Is he guilty or not guilty?
Much of our so-called charity and
philanthropy is breeding more beg
gars common beggars and uncom
mon beggars. The uncommon beg
gars are now getting to be common.
I refer to the educated beggars who
get their living as charity workers,
and begging money from the rich to
pay their salaries and expenses.
Many of the rich contributors to
this beggar-breeding charity make
money by giving to charity and phi
lanthropy a small part of what they
save by paying employes indecent,
starvation wages.
Too many philanthropists are
merely labor-crushers who are giv
ing back a small fart; of their steal
ings from labor in order to square
themselves with, God. But they can't
food God, and can't keep on fooling
the people, even though they do suc
ceed in fooling themsesves.
man who styles himself "A Chris
tian" and says that prostitutes are a
necessity would read his bible he
would be surprised to find what there
is there on the subject If somebody's
pure, innocent giri must be given as
a sacrifice, why not his own?
Can you find a smarter, better lot
of young men than we find in our
bible schools? And still these men
are clean in their lives.
So-called Christians are a detri
ment to the cause of Christ and are
keeping many people from the king
dom of heaven.
The seventh commandment, "Thou
shalt not commif. adultery," means
in thought, in word .and in deed.
Teach your sons to be pure in.
thought and in word, and the deeds
will take care of themselves.
We are taught to follow In the foot
steps of Christ Did Christ do these
things? He was tempted like other
men, yet without sin. A Sincere
Jane Whitaker seems to fear an
uprising of the unemployed, judging
by the tenor of an essay in The Day
Comparisons are as a rule mislead
ing, and for that reason comparisons
of the present with the past do not
Illuminate the discussion but tend to
confuse. For this reason any refer
ence to the French revolution as be
ing an example of what we may ex
pect some time in the future unless
conditions are improved does not
help us to come to any satisfactory
conclusion in regard to the proper
remedy for this condition.
Every evil condition in this world
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