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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, January 25, 1915, LAST EDITION, Image 11

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Chicago is greater than all of these.
Ambition to own and control dol
lars has made, slaves and cowards of
the most of us, driveling tools of the
best of us and criminals of the rest
of us.
We are the most gigantic aggrega
tion of -moral and mental cowards
that were ever herded in a few square
miles of space.
We ate so cowardly and contempt
able that -we have become morally,
socially and economically rotten so
putrid, cadaveric and stinking that we
can scarcely endure our own stench.
We hate and distrust our fellows; we
recognize their condition and beg
them to reform, to renovate, to un
prostitute, while we hold our Phari
seeic nasal appendage and try to be
lieve that we personally are immac
ulate. Almighty God, what a traverty
on common sense and brute decency!
For thirty years J have listened to
perfection sermons, reform bunco
steerers and plain rot. Where are
you tbday? Don't point to the pal-J
aces on Sheridan road; don't show
me the great stores on State street
nor invite me to inspect the hog kill
ery at Root and Halsted sts. They all
smell alike.to me. They are rotten,
builded on' the blood and bones of
underfed and overworked human
Big Business always thrives on
starvation, prostitution and death,
and you know it.
Still, wise men cry, "Reform," "Re
form." Can Jane Addams reform
Hinky Dink? Can Coulter House re
form "the erring woman who is cru
cified in shame, while the monster
that wrought her ruin rises to place
and fame?" Can the minister re
form his polluted flock so long as
they depend upon the revenue of
drunkenness and prostitution to edu
cate their 'sons and daughters? Can
The Day Book reform the rotten city
press? No. not hi a million years.
When the devil kicks himself out of
business and hell goes into bank
ruptcy then and then only may we
hope for reform. We conform, but
never reform. We want a new deal.
Oh, citizenship of Chicago, you
cowards, dare you assert your consti
tutional rights and peaceably assem
ble and demand justice? Dare you
come out one million strong, you hy
pocrtical yellow backs? No, you
dare not.
Dare you inaugurate Humanity
Day and then stand for it, fight for it,
and with the conviction of St. Paul,
die for it if needs be
No, you prefer the yoke, the master,
the state of serfdom, you straphang
mg slaves. ,
One strong, bold pull altogether
would free you, but ye dare not.
How many dare, I wonder, how
many? Shall we have Humanity
Day? Who knows? Who cares?
Who dares?
Let me hear from you. S. F.
Of course, I know that The Day Book
is a gentleman s paper, but reauy it
is carrying free press too tar. .per
haps the editor does not know of the
demagogic schemes that would di
minish incomes if carried out. We
hear about more cars, when we all
know that the money is in the straps.
How can stocks go up so as to yield
gentlemen a sure profit if cars are to
carry 40 people seated instead of 100
or more as now? And omnibuses
.they would cut into profits awfully.
Then we hear about taxing ground
rent. Why, that is all the profit we
get from land the rent. Some of
the finest gentlemen in England get
all their income from rents. If these
are reduced, what becomes of cul
ture? Its jolly certain that only the
leisure class can become cultured;
the working class have no time for it
Only a few workers believe that we
aristocrats get too much; they know
that an increase of wages would cut
into our incomes.
Perhaps some Io not get enough
'and have periods of poverty when

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