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our young lady stenographers are so
blind that they cannot see the logic
in this? Or, if they can, is it that
the law of conventionality does not
allow them to acknowledge human
There are various topics brought
up for discussion dffing business
hours which require the employer's
undivided attention. At such times
he is, in all probabilities, entirely un
conscious of the presence of a young
lady and when angered he naturally
The young lady attending strictly
to business would pay no attention
to anything her employer says as
long as she is not directly addressed.
I am fully convinced in this re
spect. What do you say, Miss Gib-
son? Clara Podlevner.
suppress my indignation when I read
articles like some worthy gentleman
wrote to The Day Book the other day
concerning prostitution. He refers
us to the Bible saying: "God created
man and woman so why try to stop
nature?" If our friend will study his
Bible he will find that this privilege
was given man for the purpose of re
production only, not to be abused and
made the vilest and most disgusting
of passions; the greatest evil in the
world today, causing more suffering,
disease, misery and unhappiness
than any other thing in the world.
The gentleman asks "Can man over
come the nature that God put there?" J
If you must find an excuse for over
indulgence in this vice, pjease don't"
blame God for it, rather MAN, who
has made this thing what it is. You
cannot say a Good, All-loving, All
wise God put a low, wicked, evil de
sire into "man's nature. Man put it
there himself! The one decent thing
he can do is to take the blame for it
The article further says that no one
is perfect and there MUST be sin in
the world, there always has been, al
ways will be. Of course, if that is the
way to look at Ufe it's a different
thing, but if no one tried to live a bet
ter life, tried to relieve and help suf
fering humanity, or uplift at least
himself if not his neighbor, I should
not like to think of the sort of world
this would be.
It's useless to try to shut our eyes
to conditions. They are awful, and
for myself I can't think of any solu
tion to this great question, except the
solution of the great economic ques
tion. And that does not, alas, seem
near. But I know if we taught our
children that this was NOT a "neces
sary evil as it is often called, and
raised them with the right thought
concerning this in their minds that a
very great part of the trouble would
pass away.
Let me ask, Why, if this is a law of
nature (if this must be because God
made man so), did HE the omni
scient, forget to make the nature of
woman the same as man's? If it is
of God it must be good, else it could
not be of God. This privilege, instead
of being sacred, to perpetuate and
better the race, is a source of loath
ing and disgust to most women be
cause of its misuse and abuse, not to
mention the misery and unhappiness
it causes. Would an all-loving Father
create in man's nature that which
could not be expressed save through
the loss of the lives, purity and good
ness of thousands upon, thousands of
women? And the men not suffer at
all? Above all, He is a just God.
We all have a different conception
of God's ways and means, but don't,
because you want an excuse for be
ing as licentious as the evil in you
unrestrained demands, and don't
want to try to control it, or try to be
better because other men aren't, and,
anyway, there must be sin, you know;
again I ask, DON'T say it's God's will.
Mrs. B., Gary, Ind.
much has been said about land and
its relation to labor, that land is the
only source of wealth, and vacant
land is unjustly withheld fron Iabwi.

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