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Monday night I was a passenger on
a crowded Clark-Wentworth car on
which the old gag "Take the next
car" failed. We were going north on
Clark st. and were near North av.t
when the conductor, No. 3806, open
ed the door and ordered the passen
gers to take the next car. I imme
diately got up and started to leave the
car. As I was passing the conductor
I asked why we had to leave the car
and was told that the car was going
to switch and go south. This reason
did not seem to satisfy the passengers
and they all returned to their seats.
After some time was spent in "bull
dosing" we proceeded on our jour
ney north. All went well until we
reached the limits barns, when we
were told that the car was unable to
continue on its way. Again the bluff
failed and we entered the car barns.
The next twenty-five minutes were
.spent in fussing about, holding con
sultations and having mechanics
crawl under the car, and at the end
of that time we proceeded, with great
rejoicing, on our journey north. This
is one time when the old gag "Take
the car ahead" failed. Time 5 to
6:45. W. J. Petesch, 1729 Rascher.
NO WAR FOR HIM. In Tribune
of Jan. 23 William Rapp "Wants
Compulsory Military Service." Un
doubtedly this gentleman is of the
class commonly known as our "lead
ing citizens," who want war, who
vote for war, but are too cowardly
to fight in the ranks when war is
declared. Nor would they allow their
sons to go to the front or their sons-in-law.
Such war-mongers as Mr.
Rapp in the event of war should be
the first to be singled out for duty on
the firing line.
Mr. Rapp says that he agrees with
the Tribune on the policy taken by
that paper and "that the first aid in
compulsory military service, respect
for authority, discipline, respect for
law, we Sadly need, and should in
still large doses of it into Young
America." l
First, as to compulsory military
service. If this is ever tried in so
called free (?) America, hell will
break' loose.
Second, respect for authority.
(Whose authority, Mr. Rapp? ) I, for
one, will bow to no upstart, be he the
highest or the lowest in authority
and will assert my independence and
self-respect. If I interpret the con
stitution of. the United States cor
rectly, I am within my rights in so
As to discipline, let any of these
gold-laced, parlor militarist snobs
start to discipline me or those that
I dearly love well, draw your own
As to law, Mr. Rapp, we have two
kinds of your so-called "law," one
for the parasites of the capitalist
class, which know, no law, and the
other tor the down-trodden working
class, which takes the brunt of every-
thing, guilty or not guilty.
We have too much law now and
no justice. Give the workers "jus
tice" and do away with rotten laws
and rotten "judges" and the world
and its people will be at peace.
As to instilling large doses of this
into Young America well, it won't
be long before Young America, with
a campaign that is being waged, will,
see the light, and they won't be as
"pay-trioiic" as 'you, Mr. Rapp, would
have them be.
As to my sons and myself ever en
tering the military service of this
country or of any other nation, I will
say, "Uncle, count me out." I, and
thousands like me, refuse to be
tricked into war to be made food for
cannon. I have one country, one
flag, one religion, as the great Thom
as Paine said: "The world is my
country, to do good is my religion."
I will add the "red flag" typical of
the blood that flows through the
veins of all is the flag, I owe alle
giance to. The one th?t represents

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