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fall for the bunk. They'll vote for the
G. O. P, to get good times, listen td
the old bunk about the pauper labpr
of Europe and how much the manu
facturers of this country love the
poor workingman and get it in the
neck again. -Surely the poor old
Democratic party fe up against it, and
Republican demagogues are licking
their chops as they view the pie
counter from afar. The funny thing
about it is that the men who will lead
the workers into the promised land
are the very ones who won't pay a
living wage, whether the tariff fa high
or low, and no matter what party is in
power. Next year well have a re
vival of the bloody shirt and the old
tariff twaddle J and Democracy won't
save its neck by bowing down to Big
Biz, which it seems to be doing.
the various candidates for mayor
stand on the matter of council giving
its permission to the Bell telephone
trust to buy the Automatic? Reader.
Answer. So far the only candi
dates who have told where they stand
are Thompson, Republican, and
Stedman, Socialist. Thompson said
he is for the merger; Stedman is
openly against it For some reason
or other Harrison, Sweitzer and Ol
son are speechless on this important
issue. And they will find that the
women will make it a LIVE issue.
ing Americanism one might say that
it stands for freedom in thought,
word and deed the honest thought,
the welcome word and the noble
deed. You can't conceive a real
American punishing another Ameri
can for his religious belief, because
that was one of the things this re
public was organized to stop. If you
think for a minute you will see that
un-American narrowness is found In
the backward parts of the south,
where 18th century social ideas still
prevail. In the north it Is preachedf
mostly by persons who have come"
from countries that are still squab
bling over whether it is more impor
tant to say "Our Father who art in
heaven' jt "Our Father which art
in heaven."
The important thing for the com
mon mari is to understand himself
and his times. Let him consider for
a minute if it makes any difference
to him who is the next mayor, Sweit
zer, Harrison, Olson or Thompson.
Can aax of these men clip the wings
of lodHbapitalism? Again, are we
going along a path that will give the
common man better opportunities, or
still less, all men a chance to earn a
In the face of the real situation
confronting all good men it is pitiful
to see apparently honest men playing
the capitalistic game of dividing peo
ple who ought to be together by per
petuating issues that were dead 100
years ago. Any one is a reactionary
who tries to relight the fires of re
ligious bigotry and "he really doesn't
belong in America. If he is here he
is an "Anachronism." Davy Bruton..
gard to Carter H. Harrison's article
in the Tribune on Jan. 31, relating to
politicians running for offices not to
post any advertisements around the.
city: I take notice that he has ads
all over, such as "safety first," "Car
ter H. Harrison, efficient, honest,
tried and found to be true," and all"
such kind of bunk as that.
"Why is it that he can make a law
governing his opponents and not af
fecting himself by the same law. He
openly states in his article in the,
Tribune that any one that advertises'
he will make thenrjgo around with ar
bucket oi not water and a sponge, if
necessary, to remove them. Now
why not let Carter take a sponge and
a bucket of hot water ana remove
some of his bunk. 1 can not see
where he should have any 'inore

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