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elected Roger Sullivan will be chief
mayor, John. P. Hopkins Will be as
sistant mayor and George Brehnan
will be second assistant mayor. In
fact, we might say that the City hall
will be moved td thfc-gaa company
building and on the dodr will gays
Roger Sullivan. Mayor.
I also Want to tell my friend Rog
that I never voted for him for V. B.
senator. VV. E.
pUisted by an economic question that
I tfelieve traces you, too. A few
thoughts were crystallized when I
saw a headline in the Tribune read
ing! "RatifOads BUy Vast Supplies.
Spend iEllionB Of New Income and
dive Work to Thousands."
A Short time ago the commerce
cdmmlssiOh turned down the request
of the railroads for a raise. The com
mission knew railroad conditions in
timately and acted with deliberation.
Thefe followed a typical capitalist
campaign to reverse this orders News
papers and politicians gave their Ser
vile help and the trick Was turned.
Thefe came the paean of joy! Big
boom fof prosperity!
Now here is my problem. When
the railroads Wef e permitted to raise
their rates five per cent it meant they
could advance their Carrying charges
that much. This means that the peo
ple Of the United States pay this five
per cent in increased prices on all
commodlties-on what they eat, on
what they Wear and What they Use
for shelter. If the railroads were to
speed all of this money In improve
ments (mind youj I say IF) they
merely would be returning the cash
to its source? thus making the con
tributor of the original money work
to get back his own cash.
For instance, if a man takes a $5
bin out of your pocket and says, "If
you will do $5 worth of work for me
I wifl give this $5 back to you," and
you do this, wfll you become prosper
ous? Do not the railroads make our. gopd
people work twice for the oash whleif
they have been authorised by the
government to filch from the; pocket
of the wortdngman? And, again, WO
they even be so generous a to return
all of it? The railroads' are heading
for a tremendous cataclysm, The
symptoms are clear. They nan rob
bed Peter to pay Paul so long that the
day of reckoning is approaching. No
wonder there 18 & clearly deflhea
movement among the railroads for
government ownership, wouldn't
-they love to have uncle Sam buy all
their junk AT THEIR OWN PRIOfJr
ENGLISH MONEY. I want to see
Germany conquer England and gov
ern that country. Why? Not be
cfbse of any loVe or hatred of either"
nation, but because, if Germany ruled
the British Isles, it would quickly do
away with the back-number money
system of Great Britain and substi
tute a decimal system of value meas
ures. Isn't it a reflection upon the
alleged intelligence 6f the Britons
that they still cling to their guineas,
pounds, shillings, pence and far
things (their 31 or 20 times 12 time
4 units), when all the rest of Europe
has decimal money? I am rather
neutral as to what system Germany
should make them adopt. It may he
either the German, the French, the
Dutch, the Russian, the Austrian, the
Canadian (or Usonlan), Ot the brand
new one proposed-in which the
value of a gramme of gold is taken
as a unit
Also, when the Germans have con-
querefl the Britten I trust they will
oblige them to do aW&y with their
nondecimal systems of weights and
measures and adopt instead the met
rio system Inaugurated hy their pres
ent crowehahhel friends, the French.
Perhaps then the United States may.
Wake tip and bB progressive eaduga
to also adopt the metric weights and
measures In place of .our present
cumbersome mixture of units, the fig
uring of which tends to drive mi

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