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h& thenervg'te iofoerme to tsOsM toy
seat I think that ig an insult to the
American people when" people that
were boi-h kttd reared in this country
have td go under the direction of
people from across Are-pond, I had
no chance to protest.
I think it time footle people -of-the
commonwealth to try and follow
some of the1 pfinelJ14a of o&r ioYe
fathers. That to have 1 free press
and free speech, and if those laws
wfe good enough fdr them they
ought to be sood enough for us I
would like to hear" from Some theT
Americas that fs of the samonrnioh
that lam --S. Trapb.
ISM. MliCh has been said of the Utt
fortUh&te products of ouf present ao
clal system, namely prostitute!,
thieves, murderers, etc., sometimes
pitymg, but more often Condemning
th&ge creatures who, if we study ra
tionally, aro but the victims of cir
cumstances We are often willing to
accept the teachings Of tlHydholOgy
that all Our actions are.fcut the -expressions
of the effect neTedftyjana
environment havg Upon usj bul when
our men df science argue ffiatwfien
you make this admission you jeobafc-
dbte your position as a Believer Ifl
free will, the avef&ge student ieeffii
Mr. Slatchfofd, in writing an this
subject, gi6s a very explicit iimilg ifi
comparing th6 Will of man With the
operation of a Scale. Says Biatch
fordt "AS the weight la tBe-86alS dH
ddtes the balance, -so-Bis motives hi
the mind taefcigg &e wffl." "WhettS
man cheSSe between two tiunga'
they say fcs eierdsei his" will, biit the
fact Is ohe motive bears down the
Other 6hi, leaning td the weightier"
rtftfcdh, fie aets- 6ccerdinglyt
How often iave we not regretted
b&0 Of Stir a6ts? How often Bate
we Mot said; "9h, had I only known,
I wwiH M6t Save aotefl thus." And
Vet-w6 maintain that ouf acts were
tlas time; Qiftt iali tins it is jti
as easy to do the one act Ai the otheh
But sugpose'yoU Wefe to ask your
friend who is now out of employment
and badly In need Of money, if He in
tends eoimktd the "Delia" for a vaea-
'tidh this aunuaef. Chances are Ms-
answer would be: "Wait and see how:
business nidktr Up between hdw aneV
theh. Admit that yoliradtien Will be
determined by conditions and yettr
free will theory collapses,
Geasar Lombrosoj writing on crim
moiogyr saya: "The. criminality i&
mah iff determined by" oranial defor
mities' 4f we accept tms statement
it logically follows that the erimifial
is list responsible for big acts, be
cause he did not shape his own skull
If we Hgfee with the" dteftninist that
the wrong doihgB Of mafl are Setei
mined by heredity and environment
it becomes" olif urgent duty to trans
form that envlf ohment An improve
ment in environment now will da
much to altefcahd iinprGfe the hered
ity traits of the generations yet un
born. if the men of science eve accept
a philosophy of the WOrld it will have
to contain a long pandrama of ei
encesj with their -felatidflihlp Bitef
lihSed ihto one eternal evolutionary
otoeess with man and Ma eonduot
'determined By the laws of Saibte and
etfeet, as IS every dther solsace. A
phflMopher onci asked! "Whefeifl Is
to be found & knowledge" Which, if
disseminated, would make the hu
man face" the hag piesti" m my judg
ment this lfflowledge can Be found in
-tiie ieienee of sociology, a science
which enables man to understand
xMh and Ms envifonment, and tins
fofces that Operate IboUt him, and to
harness and band them to grre MUf
nedsIdnrl H Seller. -
m spent the hrst of tmms age'
AWUmuiatmg lat,
And now he'8 talmg eseffiiMe
f6 MetiUe him frOm tKai
f HouMenPort.
rftf getarfliine by olfoUmstance at

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