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ceBfaTy to tne abolition or pnvuegeci-class-xule,
low wages, poverty and an
kindred social ills.
We are prepared to show-good re
sults from small local changes in
that direction which have been made
in various parts of the world.
We are convinced that the social
evils apparent today are largely due
to our institutions rather than to in
dividuals or classes; in fact, -that
every individual and every class Is
made in a large degree what .he. or it
is by our institutions.
We therefore feel that any action
we can take to draw the attention of
thinking people to the evils of such
institutions as the taxation of the
products of labor and its inevitable
attendant, private ,property"in land, Is
the shortest road to the goal we .are
alt striving for (all but the privileged
few) that adjustment of economic
affairs that will give to the worker"
the full product of his toll, which, in
the present advanced state of indus
trial development means the right to
much leisure for all-around develop
mentthe right to life in iis full
ness. I. D. Doolittie, 3236 Polk st
UNEMPLOYED There has been
an awful lot of talk about the unem
ployed here lately and that Is about
as far as it goes.
To relieve tie unemployed the. prop
er thing to do IS ttt have Mayor Har
rison appoint, a committee. Said
committee may get together, the
chances being against its doing so. J
Tnen said committee must organize,
and map out a plan, elect officers,
have a lot of stationery, books and
other red tape, and all of a sudden
they find out there is no money left,"
so it Is allowed to die a natural death.
Of course, there is no way to. start
widening 12th st., or any of the im
provements they have been asking
money .for. That would be doing
something that would give some peo-
pe.work and that Is what the big
bjusineas firms do Jjot want us to
.have until they get higher rates for
I the railroads and other measures for
the others.
A while ago it was freight rates
that would tart the. wheels of com
merce. You see how fast they are
going now and you also heard about
the poor railroads not being able to
.start any work until the people first
pay for it
We have been getting promises so
long that it would be quite a shock
to get anything else. We get a whole
lot of bunk on different ways to help
the unemployed. At one time it is
subways, then boulevard links, recre
ation piers, home colonies tor the
working class, farms for the unem
ployed and then comes the jitney bus.
-Somebody wants to cut a melon. Still
I Jielieve the idea is good.
And nowcomes the brightest of all.
I don't remember who started it, but I
see Willie Hearst has taken it up, 'so
it must be good. Judge for yourself.
This Is the Idea:
It seems the merchants and trad
ers are getting low -on stock, and I
even notice some have been crowded
out, so all we need to do to bring on
prosperity $ to buy whatever is left
and then these merchants can with
yourmoaey order more goo4s from
the factories.
Said factories will then, be com
pellechto hiremore rasa and by and
by we -will have more work and be
Simple is it not? Go to it Do it
Have you, noticed -that whenever
anything like this comes; Tip, when a
committee or investigation Is needed,
they must always pick out broad
minded men someone that knows
how to grind out dollars even If they
come from charging girls f drink
ing water". Instead, we would have a
better chance if they pioked out
somebodywith a long head. P. E. C.
o o-
New York otty has more telephones
than Belgium, Hungary Italy, Neth
erlands, Norway and Switzerland

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