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into a Uon or a Eon squeak himseK
intfa a mouse. And a crook can't
pslm' himself into a just judge or
just editor.
t;he publkTforum
Tapleigh and see what's in him. He
says1: A "Doctrines of church are
unfecientific." Example, he says, cre
ation of arth in seven days and im
amples", .Bruno, Galileo. Comment
The first is not a doctrine, it is the
story of the creation told in the Jew
ish' bible. The immaculate concep
tidii i$ a doctrine and means that the
blessed virgin was conceived without
original sin; if a belief can be called
scientific it would be hard to find a
thfrig more so than this.
B "Progress and our welfare are
due'tp the advance of sciences." Ex
amples, Bruno Galileo. Comment
Witdhes were burned in the American
colonies and slaves flogged to death
in the "United States. Does that prove
anything against the American gov
ernment today.
C The most religious nations are
thBt-least advanced. Comment Na
tions without some sort of religion
make no advance at all. Christianity
org&hized and taught Western Eu
rope for 1,500 years. Socialism itself
is a religion with dogmas galore.
D "Infallibility untrue." Comment
Not if you understand it right It
simbly means that when the pope of
ficially pronounces such and such a
thirfg to be the doctrine of the church
then it 'is the doctrine of the church
anfl'must be accepted as such. A
decision of the supreme court or a
presidential order is practically the
siiSfe th'ng.
LL "The index expurgation.".
Comment Books are condemned by
V rTormn authorities because of er
i "" d t i e anti-Christian bias
o uownright immorality. Catholics
a enot supposed to read these books.
'f iO be candid there is nowhere
any" list of the forbidden books pub-;
nshed, so that in practice Catholics
read whatever they wish and we nev
er heard of any one trying to stop
them. Human nature is such that if
some one told us not to read a par
ticular book we'd hunt the town over
to get that book. "Tap" forgets that
advice is not dictation, also that if
the mistakes and blunders of men
or governments were valid argu
ments against men and governments
the constitution of the good1 old U. S.
.would not stand upright for more
than fifteen millions. Papist
DOPE AND CRIME. The people
say that they have nearly abolished
crime, but I think they will experience
more in the future, as they are now
making things worse instead of bet
ter. The officials wno are supposed
to be wise men ought to be able to
look far enough ahead to remove
such obstacles that are a menace to
the welfare of the people, but instead
of abolishing them they are seeking
every possible means that will lead
to crime, for instance: The stopping
of drugs, for every dope fiend desires
to lead a peaceful life and keep out
of crime, for he knows crime will de
prive him of everything that Is his
heart's desire, which is dope.
There has been many a hardened
criminal restrained from crime for
fear of not getting the drug, and in
stead of stealing has taken to an hon
est life, went to work and remained
so for that cause only. There are
drug users that have been using
drugs for 20 and 30 years and it has
become a part of their life to them
and to stop them now would mean
almost to take their life, for It will
hardly be worth living to them.
Some of the wisest and most aris
tocratic men of our country are drug
users, but they keep quiet for fear of
the humiliation that will follow dis
covery. When they have the drug
they are harmless, but take It away
from them and tKey are as reckless
as the lion and their reason knows
no bonds.

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