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keeping the left hand in action all the for -breeding places in the immediate'
while, but smiling happily and good
"Would you care for an auto?" we
asked the champion's wife.
She shook Tier-head.
"Just my home, my children and
my husband," she said In her deter
mined way. "The rest may come
later. At present we must not expect
too much."
"Jess will make a fine champion,"
Mrs. Willard declared. "He is big
and true and noble and the American
people need never feel ashamed of
him. He knows nothing of high life,
with its shame and its pitfalls, and he
will always be just the same, come
good, come bad."
The champions wife recognizes
her husband's rights in all matters
pertaining to the home. She insisted
that we include the oldest child, a girl
of 7, in one of the photographs. Then
a hole in the little girl's stocking
caused the mother to protest.
"Jess would not like that," she in
sisted as the photographer sought to
conceal the hole with the little one's
"Send one of those photographs to
Jess Willard if they are good ones,"
she called. "Otherwise, keep it he
hates a poor picture and has no time
for makeshifts. I'm glad I changed
my dress; he wouldn't have liked that
o o
The common house fly breeds in
kitchen garbage and in manure. The
blue bottle fly breeds in decaying
meat. Hence, when you permit flies
to get into your home they become
the connecting link between' your
food on the one hand and the gar
bage can, outhouse and stable on the
other, transmitting to your table par
ticles of filth and germs of disease.
The germs of typhoid fever, diar
rhoea and consumption are among
those transmitted in this way.
neighborhood. The most effective
way to exterminate the fly is to strike
at its breeding place. Destroy the
future fly by preventing flies from
laying eggs and by destroying mag
gots. Each female fly lays an average of
about 2,000 eggs, which in a few days
hatch into maggots. The maggots
soon creep into the ground and form
pupae, which after 10 days develop
into young flies. The complete cycle
requires about 15 days.
1 o o
Bean Balls and Macaroni Mash
baked cold beans to pulp. Add 1
beaten egg, 1 teaspoonful minced
onion and seasoning to taste. Form
into balls, dip into beaten egg and roll
in cracker or bread crumbs.
Serve on boiled macaroni that has
been covered with grated cheese.
Pour tomato sauce over all.
o o
L 'Hgfc
Archbishop of Canterbury, who is
aiding King George in his efforts to
If you have flies in your house lookienforco-prohibition. n England,
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