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know It, but how many are blind and
do not see this? Emll Broylio, 509
N. State st
pressure from above passes through
thiB core or hard tissue and shooting
pains are the consequence.
MOTHER LOVE. This story told
by Judge HenryNeil, father of the
mothers' pension system (now in op
eration in twenty-five states), at the
National Methodist Convention:
"The Sunday school teacher said:
'Johnny, I told you last week that
you should make some one happy
each week. Who did you make happy
last week?'
' 'I visited my aunty for a few
days last week,' said Johnny, 'and
when I left she was very happy.
(Laughter). "But when Johnny got home his
mother grabbed him in both her
arms, kissed him on both cheeks and
said: 'Johnny, my boy, I have been
lonely without you. I have missed
you every hour. You are my joy and
delight' "
Moral Some people know that a
mother is the best person to care for
her own child. A. B., Oak Park.
HURT? Tell me something about
corns. Why have we corns have
they roots? H. W.
The change in the weather must
have pinched yours, too, H. W.
your question gives us a fellow feel
ing wondrous kind.
A corn is caused by chaffing the
skin. To get acquainted with a corn,
you must first get acquainted with
the skin. There are several layers of
it the top, or epidermis, the second
or "true skin," which contains the
nerves and blood vessels, and then a
layer-that contains muscles and hair
The first pinch of the shoe rubs
the top skin, if the chafing continues
the next layer thickens, then a core
sometimes called a "root," but which
is not a root, f orms. By this time you
have a hard tissue boring through
each layer of skin and through the
sensitive network -of nerves. Every
in the Daily News of April 4 a head
ing which reads: "Woman's Temple
to Be Sold. Judge Orders Debt Paid
in Three Days or It Goes to Auction."
What a disgrace. A building that was
erected in memory of an American
woman, a woman that was world re
nowned, a woman whose fruit is be
ginning to bear results; the greatest
prohibitionist the world ever knew.
It makes me cringe with shame when
I think of the numerous "tag days"
that have been held to help the war
ring nations and at the hundreds of
thousand dollars that have left our
shores to help people who never will
become civilized, and then to "think
such a heading can appear in such a
paper as the News and no one come
to the rescue. SHAME!
Really, do you think charity begins
at home? Can't some of thosejbank
ers (?) who are so anxious to handle
funds start the ball to rolling and
start a "tag day" to help America?
Everybody boost now to save the
Woman's Temple. Mrs. F. M., Oak
The police department played hard
in its game with the criminals of Chi
cago yesterday. Chief Healey himself
directed the movements of his men
during the night when they were
searching for a negro who brutally
attacked and robbed Mrs. Evelyn Cut
tie, 3821 Forest av., at 38th st and
Prairie av. He was not caught.
The department lost out earlier in
the day when Stanley Stack, a sus
pect in the murder of John Slomski,
West Side banker, escaped from five,
policemen after a thrilling chase and
gun fight at 47th and Dearborn sts.
Several suspects in the death of the
banker are in the hands of the police.
Some are part of Stack's gang.
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