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BOLTON HALL. I doubt if Bol
ton Hall indorsed the N. Y. Times in
saying that landlords add ground rent
tax to the rent charged tenants. Hall
is a single taxerand would not dis
pute all economists who think the re
verse is "self evident," though con
tradicting Mr. King. Rents are high
er in England because land not used
if free of tax. Lloyd George's threat
to tax large holders induced a land
lord to cut up and sell his estate.
If vacant owners were taxed
would they not need to build and get
tenants, and is it not "self evident"
that putting vacant land to use must
lower, not raise, rents? You can
not add a tax to rents that are being
Owners get all they can. They can
not add an increased site tax and
charge more. They must accept less,
because buildings are cheaper from
being untaxed and will increase, not
diminish, the supply of rentable
space. C. F. Hunt, 530 Aldine A v.
SWINDLES. I wish to say a few
words in regard to criminology.
There has been much said regard
ing holdup men, safeblowers and
tramps. It seems that they are the
only men that are considered bad and
dangerous. Of course, I'll admit they
are dangerous. When you are held
up by these men you wish to have
them punished at once and con
sider no punishment too severe.
Do you know that it is a fact that
when you go to buy a pair of shoes
in the various stores that you ex
pect to receive leather shoes, but in
stead of that you find out a great
number of times that they have a
slip sole which is paper fiber? When
one gets caught in the rain this sole
comes loose. The working class call
that a swindle.
When I was employed in a butter
factory about eight years ago they
had two men who went out and
bought hutter, which came in tubs.
This butter, which was bought from"
hotels, restaurants and stores, was
that which they could not sell ex
cept in this way. I saw them run a
tester down in the center of the
tubs. The best of it was mixed with
the fresh butter and the mixture was
sold for fresh country butter. I had
to place the stamped cheesecloth
around the rolls of butter. The peo
ple get swindled right along. W. M.
The person who wrote to that effect
recently may be of the sterner sex,
but is far from being a man. No
man would for a moment entertain
such a thought as would rob the fa
male of the priceless jewel of woman
hood. Every pure girl or woman
knows it, too.
Society was never saved by un
leashing the hellhounds of lust. Aye,
"when knighthood was in flower"
ever knightly sword was sworn to,
and did, flash from its scabbard in
defense of woman's honor. The fact
that such places were raided does not
prove the necessity for opening the
reuugnt district, nut it does prove
tha education in right Irvine is sore
ly needed.
Money that is now freely handed
out would be better paid out to teach
ers to instruct the masses in the art
of "simple living," the evil effects
caused from white bread, meat eat
ing, foods wrongly combined, etc.
It's too pitiful to think of the suf
fering, operations and agony that
women have and are suffering.
Rather for our own sake would we
remember the words of the Master:
"Remember that in thine body a God
is dwelling there; thy temple from
pollution free let it forever be. Of
fend not thou thy God in thee, indulg
ing in man's lusts. Moreover, if tor
menting self thou eroanest fnnlish-'
ly. God has descended just to see the
wono witn eyes or tnine; then
breathe on Him with senses pure the
breath of .sacrifice. It's He in thee
that sees, feels, thinks and speaks

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