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by day and night Be thus in all thou
dost, see, feel, think, speak divine
ly bright."
To open the redlight district would
be a sin. Sin is a transgression of
God's law. Transgressing God's law
is doing anything detrimental to our
own bodies, resulting in disease, hate,
envy, unkindness, crimes and crim
inality. John McGregor, 2631 Cot
tage Grove A v.
SAYS NIX ON WAR. Regarding
Lusitania affair, will you please pub
lish this letter. For humanity's sake
let there be no thoughts of war.
Didn't the passengers on board know
of the raging war in Europe? If
they did not why should this beauti
ful and rich country be made deso
late and why should our mothers and
sisters be made widows and our chil
dren orphans?
I say, with millions of real true
brothers and sisters, that it's insanity
to think of war, and we'll be greatly
disappointed in our Woodrow Wilson
if he don't find a way to settle the
differences without bloodshed. Here's
to W. W. and no more war! E. G.
NIX ON CARTER. In the present
judicial campaign there is at least one
spot that stands out where it seems
to me that labor should take a de
cidedly active part. The Republicans
have nominated for judge of supreme
court Orrin N. Carter, whose sole title
to fame seems to rest upon his man
handling of the street car men's in
terest as arbitrator in their wage dis
pute with the companies in 1912.
That his actions were sufficiently ap
preciated by big business is evidenced
by the fact that the Democrats nom
inated no one to make the run against,
The Socialists, however, have
nominateu a man to contend with
Orrin N. Carter for the supreme court
judgeship in the person of Frank L.
Wood. Mr. Wood is a clean, able and
intelligent lawyer and one who sym
pathies, as. his membership in the
Socialist party would indicate, are
with the toilers. If there is any stam
ina or backbone in the labor move
ment they will take this opporuntiy
to rebuke men of the Carter stripe,
who persistently and consistently
antagonize the betterment of labor
conditions and wages and support a
man who stands for decent treatment
and fair play to the workers. L. P.
Lindelof, Sec'y Painter Dis't Council,
No. 14.
We have so much unjust legislation
now dealing with the sexual relations
that I shudder to see any more. Some
one mailed me an outline of a bill by
Judge Goodnow dealing with illegiti
mate children, which allows a moth
er to name whom she may as the fa-'
ther of her child. "
She is tempted with $3,500 to per
jure herself. She is tempted to pick
out the man with the money, the in
nocent party, and singleras a rule.
Over half of all illegitimate children
are fathered by married men. With'
a drastic law of this kind we are in
danger of breaking up half the mar
ried families in the country and mak-r
ing goats of all the single men who
are available.
This muckraking is of no use and
should not become law. This merely ,'
gives judges, juries, shyster lawyers '
and newspapers a chance to get rich0
on the misfortunes and mistakes of
others. This dodging the issue is
cowardly. These illegal children2
should be made legal by state act and
fed at public expense.
Collecting contingent fees for a l
child is of no use. The state owes it1
to the mother who gives the state a "'
soldier for war. The world owes it '
to the mother, who is entitled to at '
least one child by divine right. The
illegal father, out of work and too
poor to marry, is not an enemy of '
the state. He offers more to the pro- ,
tection of the nation than 80 per cent
of the rich who live in wedtock. He ,
offers more than all the consumptives,
L jt.a.JagttJPggaiB

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