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ory out with aching lieart for the
ones who are lost, we may shed tears
over their pale forms as they lay
stretched before us, but does this suf
fice? Does it satisfy the wrong done
them? Are we going to stop and
wipe our tears away and forget such'
a contemptible acf"as-.that which has
just been dealt the innocent victims
of the Lusitania? Are we so weak
in aggressiveness as to let it pass
only with an accepted apology and
without any due respect for our f ut
ture concern?
Since the beginning of hostilities
we have been abused by the opposing
nations now at war Our commerce
has been stopped, our ships taken to
port without any good reason, seized
and confiscated; but when the ex
treme is dealt us, when the sacrific
ing of the lives of innocent women
and children seem to be the only ex
cuse for carrying out a blockading
effect of warring nations, then it is
time for our nation to take heed and
put a stop to such dastardly practices
and command all powers to discre
tion, care and due caution before
sinking a boat of any description
without first ascertaining as to the
identity of the boat and whether it
contains passengers. Then before
the policy of torpedoing is carried out
to see that the crew and passengers
are safely put in boats and are out
of danger.
While we cannot restore to friends
the ones who are gone, or alleviate
the suffering of the injured, or re
place the men who help build up our
nation and their usefulness in the
world's work which they were spe
cialized in, we can as a nation de
mand our rights upon the high seas
and have them respected; we can as
a unit assist our president by show
ing our sincere appreciation of what
he is attempting to do for the dis
tressed and disheartened victims of
the Lusitania, or for us as a nation in
protecting us from the frenzied coun
tries not at war, and giving him our
full support in this trying and un
settled poHod of the world's history.
John H. Pierce, 2045 Osgood st.
FITTEST. At no time has the the
ory of Darwin been better demon
strated than in the present European
The chutch for years has done her
very best to discredit Darwin, but
without avaiL It was superstition
against science. The church claimed
that man is a special creation and
that only through religion can he at
tain perfection.
Darwin maintained that man is de
scended from some lower form, a
product of evolution, and therefore
belongs to the animal species and
governed by the law of nature. For
instance: Natural selection, struggle
for existence, survival of the fittest,
So when we consider the rapacious
actions of the nations across the
ocean after so many centuries of the
so-called Christian religion, does it
not prove conclusively that Darwin's
theory was right and that man is de
scended from the lower animals, and
that struggle for existence and sur
vival of the fittest will be the decid
ing factor in the European conflict,
M. Herdau, 1825 S. Troy St.
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"Henry, what kind of a stove is a
"Good gracious, Ty Cobb isn't a
"Isn't he? My, I've heard him re
ferred to as a base burner."

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