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WHY THE "MAY"? In Thursday's
Tribune their appears an article to
the effect that "A tax probe into the
estate of the late Edward Tilden may
be started by State's Att'y Hoyne."
Why the "may"? - tt is customary
for creditors of deceased persons to
present their claims to the probate
court at the time the will is probated".
The city of Chicago is a creditor. It
needs the money. Why not collect
without the formality of a "probe."
C. A. P.
constant reader of your wonderful lit
tle "sheet" and also a staunch ad
mirer ad supporter of the working
class of people, I would ask through
your paper why a labor representa
tive was not included in the commit
tee appointed'by Wm. Hale Thomp
son at the mass meeting held at the
Auditorium Thursday evening?
As usual, "big business" was repre
sented galore. Where, oh where,
wUl the worker be with such a tre
mendous amount of opposition
against him? Being a firm admirer
of Mr. Thompson and having the ut
most confidence in the mayor, I hope
he will favor the workers and appoint
such a member to the committee.
Everybody boost now for a better
Chicago. Mrs. F. M., Oak Park.
reading about Rockefeller's connec
tion with the Colorado labor trouble,
the thought occurred to me, why pick
on Rockefeller? There are thousands
of other employers just as bad. He
happens to be more conspicuous
than his fellows, which is probably
the reason we hear more about his
oppression of labor.
Even if the entire present genera
tion of employers were to all die at
once we would still have the condi
tion which creates helplessness as far
as labor is concerned and also gives
employers -the upper hand. When i
you have a condition of things where
one party is absolutely helpless,
where the alternative to accepting
the employers' terms is starvation, it
naturally follows that the enslave
ment of the workers becomes an es
tablished condition. To find the
remedy for this abominable condi
tion of things read Henry George's
"Progress and Poverty." -J. W.
RED LIGHTS. The red lights are
one of the worst blights of civiliza
tion. I've heard the expression "it's
a neceBsary evil!" In the U. S. army
and navy service the immoral prac
tice is encouraged as a means of
keeping the men "fit" I don't be
lieve the argument holds good. I'm
glad to say I know many men who
abhor the practice, yet are normal
in every way and more fit mentally
and physically than any "red lighter"
ever dared to be! If these men are
exceptions the same holds true of
the opposite extremes.
I beheve the lust of immorality is
resultant of improper living and
training and lack of self-control. So
cial and industrial conditions are in
a measure responsible also. Fathers
even encourage their sons in it!
Daughter must be pure but son must
sow his "wild oats." A man who
would run hazardB to save his own
sister or daughter from such a
blight seems to feel no compunction
in visiting it upon some other woman.
Generally such men are not averse
to gambling, getting drunk, etc., and
bear the cigaret smoker's trade mark
on their finger tips! Their thoughts
and words constantly reflect their
deeds. Of course, there's a degree of
sexuality dormant in every normal
.human being and it may become in
tensely uncontrollable under extreme
temptation that doesn't count here.
Apparently the red" light breed of
abnormalities of both sexes will con
tinue to infest civilization for some
time, at least! And, under the cir
cumstances, measures should be
taken to prevent contamination. Thef

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