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question of religion need not even be
taken into account
If there's nothing wrong about it,
why do men refuse to marry girls
who carry such a stain on their
honor? Must a certain class of
women be sacrificed for man's spe
cial privilege? The fact that married
men are habitues of such resorts
shows that being unable to secure
marriage is no excuse. Let those that
believe in the nefarious business per
ish in their own filthiness, and,
meanwhile, set about to exterminate
the pest gradually and practically.
Wm. J. Acker.
board of education refuses to be in
vestigated by the council committee !
They refuse to turn over their books
and records that an outside commit
tee may report on the efficiency of
their administration.
Any set of public officers (whose
duty it is to expend the people's mon
ey raised by taxation) that refuses
to give the fullest reports and ex
planations of its doings certainly oc
cupies a very peculiar position. The
board justifies its refusal on the ba
sis of politics. What if a political
trick' is being played and there is no
evidence to that effect, are not the
people, the taxpayers, entitled to a
full and authentic report on the ac
tions of the board?
The board itself says there is a
deficit of $1,250,000, but, notwith
standing this acknowledgement, why
should it not yield to the demand of
the council and let the facts be fully
determined? Certainly nothing can
be found that the public should not
know. It is the public's business to
know how its funds are being ex
pended, and nothing but the indiffer
ence of the people permits municipal
affairs to b6 conducted in such a way
that they do not know exactly what
is being done with their money.
The records of the board are public
property, and surely there is a way
through which this legitimate com
mittee may accomplish its purpose.
Why does the board object to this in
vestigation? What can there be in
its records that the people of Chicago
should not know? W. H. Wallace.
WAR BABIES. Now comes a new
phrase of the war in the form of
war babies. Doubtless reformers will
turn red to the gills. Marriage license
clerks will wonder how it could hap
pen, while our army of saintly min
isters will declare as a unit the judg
ment is so near that all is lacking Is
for the bandmaster, Gabriel, to toot
his horn. Meanwhile the babies are
real crying, laughing, cooing little
fellows, not giving a thought to the
morrow. Irrespective of whom is the
father of the child, let hope lift it
tenderly and expect of it big things in
the inventive, mechanical or indus
trial world. We should remember war
uses laws as a child a toy and looks
upon judges as paid comedians. It
treads upon a field of new wheat with
as little remorse as on a field of this
tles. In its carnival of crime it is
Harry Tracy magnified a hundred
times. For hopes shattered, lives
taken and depredation in general, old
Satan is doubtless conceited enough
to not think he is the worst fellow
after all.
Those Herods advocating infanti
cide remember that the fact of being
an illegitimate is in itself no crime.
Were it possible a saint, or a second
Christ could come from a child the
creation of a legitimate father, it is
but shallowness to think otherwise of
the moral side of one of these war
However, rather than kill these ba
bies after birth, if they are not to be
given a chance in later years, per
haps the secret of birth restriction
might be a blessing in disguise were
it more widely known, especially dur
ing this great war.
Concluding these armies one mil
lion as individuals go forth to slay
and be slain, does it after all add crime
whe they, through legitime fa-

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