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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, June 05, 1915, LAST EDITION, Image 19

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pressed it, lured Red into a saloon.
The foamy beer, finding its way into
the somewhat cramped recesses of
the ex-convict, stimulated his imag
ination. "Find your wife," exclaimed Ike in
astonished contempt "Why, don't
you know it's a game with them folks,
"What's a game?" demanded Red,
"Why, playing with us and writing
reports about us for their clubs. You
and me's just cases to her. She'll
never find your wife. It's part of the
game, them promises. Rich as a mis
er, that old woman is, and as for jew
els say! You been to her house?"
"Once when I first come out," an-,
swered Red miserably.
"There's half a million dollars in
diamonds waiting there for any one
what wanted 'em," said Ike impres
sively. Ana tnerewun ne maae a
proposition which fell upon Red's
ears aS sweetly as manna upon the
parched tongues of the desert wan
derers. Red went home and thought, and
all his anger and resentment paved
the way for his acceptance. That rich
old- woman with the Fifth avenue
house and the diamond necklace,
while he, Red, worked for $8 a week!
And Lizzie, whom she was to discover
for him as soon as he had made a
man of himself! He would show her
what sort of a man he was!
He talked the situation over with
Ike. During the course of his single
visit to the house Red had, with a
true craftsman's eye, summed up the
architectural features. To ascend to
the second story by means of the or
namental column would not be diffi
cult He could enter one of the win
dows. Ike knew the upper floor he
had gone there in the guise of a gas
Inspector. If Red could get the neck
lace, Ike could catch it from his hand
in the court below and hold at bay
any intruders, while Red made his
getaway along the covered courtway.
. Red was at the appointed &xx. Jie
and Ike worked their way Into the'
grounds through the basement of the
unoccupied house next door. Ike was
waiting below, and Red had shinned
up the column and stood irresolutely
upon the porch outside the third
story window. He knew that win
dow communicated with a passage,
and, once inside, he must turn to the
right to reach tie old woman's bed
room. But his head had never been
very good for second story work and
he hesitated an instant before he
threw up the window and stepped in
side. As he did so the burglar alarm
rang loudly through the house.
Red was half along the passage.
To go back to that window would be
fatal policy. The unexpected alarm
struck terror into Red's heart, but he
kept his head well enough not to yield
to the instinct to run for safety and
be caught An open closet with a lot
of clothes hanging in, it attracted his
notice. He plunged inside and pulled
the door tight after him. There he
crouched, trembling in fear of cap-
ture. He could hear nothing inside,
for the door fitted tightly, he did not
know whether he was being pursued
but it was growing uncomfortably
Perhaps Red waited there twenty
minutes. At last when he could en
dure the heat no longer, he opened
the door cautiously. Instantly a cloud
of smoke rushed in. Red plunged
into the passage to find the smoke
whirling down it He heard confused
ly the cries of people in the street
He rushed to the window through
which he had climbed. Looking down
into the street across the garden he
saw that a fire line had been formed.
He saw the men fixing ladders! He
saw the smoke-shrouded building.
Flames were bursting from every
window except those of the wing in
which he was trapped, and he did not
know the way out
In mad terror he broke along the
corridor, plunging into room after
room, only to recoil, baffled, before

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