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running the risk of intervening to try
and succor those made destitute by
the revolution.
Keep out of the fight. Attend to
our home folks. "- -
Peace may be preservedby the peo
ple and you are one. A. C. B.
PEACE Let America grow wise
and get next to herself. I do not want
it said that I am looking for notori
ety, but I want to do all that I can
to persuade Americans from going
into a game they have no right to be
in and cannot finish for the good of
themselves or for civilization. I wish
to be sensible and encourage others
to be likewise. I hope to goodness I
am sensible and that others will be
Let America grow wise-and get
next to herself. The sure winners in
almost any game are those who play
slow and cautiously, being careful of
false moves. America can win a great
deal by being prudent and doing her
best to keep out of the trouble other
nations started.
Parents teach their children to
keep out of unnecessary fights and
to keep away from persons who do
fight. Why then is it not as bad for a
nation to mix up with other nations
at war?
We should consider it worse when
a boy gets into a fight. It doesn't
last long. But when a nation gets
into war it usually is a long one and
the damage done cannot so easily be
I do not like to see this country
plunged into a war which can be
averted by using proper diplomacy.
I am not a calamity howler or
alarmist and I have confidence
enough in Pres. Wilson to believe in
his ability to pull us through all right
I feel sorry for the victims on the
Lusitania, but I would feel as. sorry
for the millions who would diettseek
ing vengeance. Fires do not die out
by adding fuel. They must cool off.
Thev must slow down.
Good Americans will stay home 1
and help Pres. Wilson and America
from getting into a deal which would
perhaps mean the death of millions of
our best stock and the destruction of
beautiful structures.
Help our young men to survive, for
they are fit to survive, not to die.
Sometimes the fittest of the survival
will be those who did not kill and
plunder, for there'll be few of the
True, it's the fittest of the survival,
but many survive longer and better
who never killed and plundered than
many other more of those who did.
Do we or do we not want perhaps a
million more poor soldiers' graves to
visit and decorate a Decoration day
hence? Carry the flag, but stand for
what it stands for, peace and liberty,
my America. Frank Smith.
HURT. Why dp we not feel pain
when the hair is cut the same as
when the finger or some other part of
the body is cut. B. R. T.
We feel pain when something dis
turbs a nerve that carries a message
to the brain where there are nerve
cells which can feel pain. When you
cut your finger or stub your toe you
jar the nerves that connect with the
brain, which is the seat of pain.
Where there are no nerves no pain
can be felt. There are no nerves in
the hair, so that when it's cut you
never feel even a twinge of pain.
But it's different if someone pulls
your hair. The roots of the hair are
supplied with nerve cells, and if you
twitch the hair ever so little the brain
cells get the message through the
nerves and you feel pain.
"Where," said the land agent, ad
dressing an audience of possible pur
chasers, "where else on the face of
the globe will you find in one place
copper, tin, iron, cotton, hemp, grain,
game '
A voice replied: "In the pockets of
my youngestson." New York Globe

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