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I1 to have BuTy Sunday come to Chi
11 cago and scare workmen into the
f church by filling them full of fear of
heflfire and damnation. For after they
r are converted Derhaps they will be
satisfied to submit-wjth sheeplike do-
cility to all the hell the masters give
them here on earth, because of the
.beautiful promise of everlasting
c peace and happiness in heaven, when
the spirit has departed and they can
' no longer do a day's work.
' And I gather that only those men
J are a menace to society who are
" nnorca anil nnnr Tint tnnQP "who nrp
rich and cultured, however rotten at
" heart.
I will have more faith in Billy Sun
day's conversions when John D.
1 Rockefeller, Jr., and others of his ilk
hit the sawdust trail and begin to
practice the Golden Rule the preach
jfers have been preaching for some
thing like twenty centuries.
c I will begin to believe that Billy is
t gathering into the fold the black
sheep who menace society when I see
"the Chicago department store own
ers, the public utility grafters and all
the rich, prominent and leading
2 crooks in Chicago hit the sawdust
ctrafl, go down on their knees and of
fer up a prayer to God that TBDEY.be
xmade clean and become as good citi-
zens as honest workmgmen are now.
- Chicago has a street car conductor
jworth $250,000 in stock of the com--pany
who joined his fellow employes
ron strike. Occasionally we find such
a case to show that principle is above
I A lawyer eulogized a mule in a trial
in Illinois. We'll bet that lawyer
jwould eulogize a gasoline engine to
-win a case.
" Every one in Missouri has been in
ivited to Genevieve Clark's wedding.
-That's showing 'em!
By the way, is there a law or is it
a railroad rule that forbids station
eigents to smile? - ,
REPLY TO C. M. H. In his very
able letter on the city hall "lay-off"
C. M. H. uses the expression "tax
payers and voters" as if some voters
were not taxpayers. All persons who
spend money purchasing goods of all
kinds or paying rent pay taxes. No
one can escape this. The tax on
commodities is in the price, and the
tax on houses is in the rent A tax
on clothing, food, furniture, etc.,
raises the price, and a tax on build
ings makes rent higher. Any mer
chant or houselord will tell you this.
All taxes on anything produced by
labor is shifted to the consumer m
increased price, but there is one tax,
and one only, that cannot be Shifted,
and it lowers price, and that is a tax
on land according to its value. If any
one doubts this let him ask himself
what would happen if a 5 per cent tax
was laid on the 400,000 vacant lots
that are now held idle and out of use
right here in Chicago. Would the
price go up or down? F. Williams.
We all have much or little of Dr.
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in us and it is a
question as to which influences us
the most There are few, if any, who
are not playing the two-faced game
m some manner.
Self-preservation is a desire born
in us, but in some the desire is not
very great For some it seems a ne
cessity to act deceitful, but they
would not have to do so if they could
earn a living without being so.
If we had a system which would
give all the equal opportunity of
earning a living deception would not
be in vogue.
The game we now play is identical
to the one the hog, dog and fish play.
There is an excuse for the hog, the
dog and the fish, but none for sup
posable intelligent and civilized hu
man beings.
Jay Gould said he could hire one-.
jWfty.y . j-.-g..gMa.H; yty-Ayr--,

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