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ner in their refiAnt Arbitration. Thp.v
ill " are discontented and the revolt ia
coming. The carpenters have decid
ed not to trust arbitration. The work
are are getting .wise at last and
therefore refuse to trust arbitration.
Theodor Johnson.
CIVILIZATION! According to the
dictionary civilization is defined from
a state of savagery to civilized. And
civilized is described as being affable,
gentle, refined and cultured. Yet I
have never heard of a savage com
mitting suicide through unemploy
ment or being unable to obtain
enough food to sustain life.
Their motto seems to be, one for
all and all for one, which is more
than we can say for civilization. Al
though it affords us greater oppor
tunities for mental development it
teaches us how to take advantage
of our fellow beings.
This by enacting laws unfavorable
to the poor and enriching the weal
thy, who are becoming more grasp
ing every day, as is plainly shown,
and by their refusal to comply with
the just demands of the street car
men, who were forced to go on strike
for a mere pittance. Also, what is
civilization doing to prevent the epi
demic of suicides taking place almost
every day. We read of some unfor
tunate dying by self-destruction on
account of no work.
The large amount of suicides on
account of unemployment and their
failure to appeal to charitable insti
tutions shows plainly that' they fear
death less than the notoriety which
they know will accompany their re
quest There is no doubt but that
they would rather have their uames
in the death lists than on the charity
list Often the papers will state in
cases of self-destruction, "cause un
known." I have dedicated as a probable an
swer to the cause unknown the en
closed poem. In closing let up hope
that some day we will have a super
Ivfliza(Ioa -with plenty for all and
universal harmony. M. Rasmussen,
2220 W. Erie st.
An Economic Tragedy
He plods along the dismal streets,
Some work he seeks to find.
"No help today" is all that greets
His dull and aching mind. ,
But soon with joy his heart it beats, x
"Help wanted" sign he finds.
New life now in his aching feet,
A clear and hopeful mind.
But soon the boss he twice repeats,
A man. gentle, refined.
He hastens out upon the streets,
Dark thoughts come in his mind.
Next day upon death's dismal sheets
Another victim find.
COLD DOES NOT. Please tell me
why it is that silver always tarnishes
and gold does not. Curious.
There is always a good deal of sul
pur in the air, especially when we
burn gas. Sulphur acts upon cer
tain things that are exposed to the
air, and, while several sulphur com
pounds act upon silver, they never
have any such action upon gold,
hence gold does not tarnish and sil
ver does.
If a person wearing a silver neck
lace next the skin is taking sulphur as
a medicine, he or she may notice that
the necklace turns black. This is-be-cause
some of the sulphur leaves the
body through the skin and so tar
nishes the silver .necklace by forming
a film of sulphide of silver on it.
It is, therefore, the action of sul
phur upon silver that tarnishes the
latter; while, at the same time, this
same sulphur has no effect upon gold.
o o
City Comptroller Eugene Pike is
some bond signer. Starting yester
day he signed 1.000 and will continue
to sign 1,000 a day until July 1.
The bonds comprise those passed
at the mayoralty election. There are
about -13,000 of them.
i.P. -V-t7b-

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