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Jue Sue was a mandarin In China,
and though now engaged in business
in America, clings, nevertheless, to
many Oriental ways, particularly the
Chinese custom regarding the duties
and position of women.
Therefore when- -Jue Quong Tai,
daughter of Jue Sue, announced that
she was going on the stage it created
somewhat of a furore in the home of
Jue Sue.
"Oh, yes, I like it, the spotlight,"
said she in her dressing room. "It is
very pleasant to stand out and know
people are thinking that maybe you
look nice and sing nice. Except some
times they say I am not Chinese, but
only an American girl dressed up.
That is not nice.
"I do not sing real rag to them; no.
I just sing nice little songs they know.
Then I sing 'California' in Chinese. I
could sing them ragtime in Chinese,
but that would not be entertaining,
only funny."
o o
Never sun feathers. Hang in the
shade on a windy day. The sun
draws out the oil and gives the
feathers a rancid odor.
A small bottle of turpentine should
be kept in every house, its uses are
many. A few drops where roaches
congregate will exterminate them at
once; also ants black or red. Moths
will flee from the odor of it. It "will
take ink stains out of white muslin.
A little added to clothes while boiling
will whiten them.
If your ribbons or ties become
wrinkled, dampen them and wrap
around a clean lighted electric light
'We all eat too much, especially
the women who do not exercise," said
Johannes Johnson, "who has been
Coach Staggs trainer with Univer
sity of Chicago athletes for the last
decade, to me yesterday.
"That is the reason why any new
idea or machine which will reduce
our fat is looked upon as a boon to
suffering humanity which is always
wishing, like Hamlet, that 'this too,
too solid flesh would melt'
"It is just as easy to reduce one's
flesh as it is to do anything else if
one puts his mind to It but few of
us have the will power to keep up the
spartan mode of living unless one
sees immediate results.
"One of the old graduates of the
university has invented a machine
that will make this showing.
"This man's wife was getting and
commenced to roll on the floor, as
recommended by a beauty writer. She
found that rolling made her dizzy
and bewailed the fact to her husband.
"Like the average Ainerican hus
band this man wanted his wife to
have everything she wanted when
she wanted it and he made a ma
chine that would 'roll' around wife.
"Last year we had a student in the
university that looked as though he
might be good timber for the football
team but he was too fat. (He could
not bring himself to train down where
he could run instead of waddle.) The
alumnus told me about his machine
and we installed one here.
"The fat literally rolled off Red
man, our football recruit; he made
the squad and reduced himself 60
pounds in five weeks.
"The machine consists of a sub
stantial frame with wheels carrying
two sets of belts each set being pro
vided with a number of. wooden mas
sage rollers. These belts are ar
ranged so that the rollers may be
brought into contact with any part
of the body particularly the hips
and abdomen where fat people usual
ly want to reduce most.
"These rollers break down -the fat
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