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majority of those possessed of a
license (married folks) and moralists
of the Funkhouser type all join in a
chorus of denunciation of the terri
ble redlight district
So they "shut down the lid" of the
22d street district-and as result the
whole of Chicago is given over to in
discriminate and surreptitious pros
titution. The writer of this knows some
thing of the condition of a large city
which boasts of clandestine prostitu
tion, as he comes from the city of
London, Eng., where there are about
30,000 prostitutes that are known to
the police authorities.
And Chicago is going to enjoy some
of the conditions existing there. The
police are going to hound these un
fortunate Victims of society from pil
lar to post, and she who "walked"
State street today will be "walking"
Madison street tomorrow, not to
mention the residential districts.
Incidentally, she will scatter more
disease in her trail than was ever in
flicted upon Pharaoh's tribes. Seventy-five
per cent of the youth of Lon
don are or have been infected
with the loathsome disease. During
the recruiting for the South African
slaughter in 1900 less than 20 pel
cent of the applicants were passed
as medically fit for service (to be
shot at).
In that city there are several hos
pitals that treat venereal diseases ex
clusively, and hundreds are turned
away daily owing to lack of time and
facilities to treat them.
Now let us face facts without slop
ping over with maudlin sentimental
ity or babbling of our sisters, daugh
ters or sons, etc., etc. The desire or
passion to love and be loved is at nat
ural as the desire for food when hun
gry, to sleep when fatigued, to drink
when thirsty.
This desire is part of our nature
and nature gives every faculty for
use. Of course, there are gluttons
who over-eat and them nature pun
ishes in her own way. Again we have
those who, when denied food legiti
mately; steal it Our economic sys
tem has created a condition whereby
many millions cannot afford the lux
ury of a marriage license and the at
tendant responsibilities.
And these, denied the exercise of a
natural function according to the
moral code, will overstep that code
by hook or crook and no denuncia
tion from pulpits or activities of mor
al squads (or regiments) will elim
inate these conditions.
If employers of labor would or
could pay a living wage to their
slaves, that alone would go far
toward creating a purer social sys
tem, but they will, of course, never do
that until compelled to do so.
But while poverty exists and hu
man nature is. "what it is" these
things will go on and one and become
things 'will go on and on and become
more intensified, and about the only
way in which the 20th century Adam
can be controlled will be to sterilize
him in his infancy, which will remove
the desire for the exercise of that pas
sion or capacity to love, so emphat
ically denounced by the hypocritical
and fanatical moralists of modern so
ciety. Otherwise a segregated district
should be instituted, under strict
medical supervision and regulated by
a commission of independent citizens.
John Tweedle.
ing is a letter received from a reader.
Bead it and see if you can give him
the necessary tips. Send any answer
direct to Himan or to The Day Book.
The Public Forum. Four of us
boys are going to walk to St Paul,
Minn., starting early in July. Any in
formation as to route or equipment
would be very much appreciated.
Paul Wm. Himan, 411 N. Kensington
Av., La Grange, III.
A Minneapolis alderman suggests
that the city's garbage be removed
by Zeppelins,

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