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past year and bear garden it has
been turned into, some of us would
be much in favor of Miss Murphy.
Speaking for a few friends of mine,
they consider that if the mayor of
Chicago selected board of members
from the Dunning inmates of insane
a more competent board of education
would be at Tribune offices. Why,
it's a disgrace to our city and citizens
and should be put a stop to.
There is a friend of mine, a
teacher, and he informs me that
those unfortunate women (teachers)
are in a state of trepidation, not
knowing what shall be next
How can they do justice to their
profession, and, above all, in the lin
gering death they are in? How can
they do justice to our children in
this state?
Here is a woman (Miss Murphy) in
the school service for the last 20
years, and, according to Mrs. Young,
only two complaints have been re
corded against her over that period,
And this is the testimony of her su
perior officer.
Fancy! Dropped without a trial!
Even "Chicken Joe Campbell" in Jo-
liet state pen is getting more of a-
tnal than Miss Murphy. And "Chick
en" Joe is entitled to and must get it
The few articles on your splendid
little paper are in the dark as much as
myself. Of course, Miss Murphy may
be Catholic. I don't know. I pre
sume that, but she should have a
trial. Yes, and if Miss Loeb were
there she should have a fair trial also.
We would not be content with "tem
peramentally unfit," although from
her relations we may surmise. Still,
even with such solid proof as this
we would still cling to our good
American cry, "Fair play for all."
P. J. Fox, 1810 Belden Av.
places "t passes from the bed of tho
pond into the air. It is not lost, as
some small boys think, for after
awhile it returns as rain and refills
the ponds.
When water is exposed to air that
does not already contain all the water
it can hold, the water will disappear;
that is, it will pass into the air in the
form of water-vapor. You will hear
people say that it has evaporated.
The hotter the air is the more water
it will hold, though even if it is not
very hot it will take up water if it has
not already as much as it can con
tain. When the air has taken up all,
or nearly all the water-vapor it can
hold, and if some atmospheric change
lowers the temperature, the water re
turns again from the air to the earth
in the form of dew or rain.
If enough of the water comes back
the pond and brooks will no longer
be dry.
tell why the ponds dry up when the
sun is hot? Where does the water
go? James F.
The pond dries up in hot weather
simply because the water changes
I note in your issue of June 25 that
Mrs. L. S. Spelina wants to know of
Billy Sunday's disposal of his wealth.
This reminds me of the old adage,
"How old is Ann?" It is safe to say
that Billy lets not his left hand know
what his right hand doeth. Not long
since I read in the trust papers that
the Salvation Army was prohibited
from collecting and sending any
money from Los Angeles to their
London headquarters, so why ques
tion Billy when he leaves his -wealth
Most every cent grafted from the
Catholics is sent to Rome, so why
stop such a noble sect as the Army
and the wonderful good they ac
complish. Long live Billy Sunday
and let him keep on collecting and
doing good. A Convert of Mr. Sun
day. Three thousand horsepower is pro
duced by a water wheel in Switzer
land that receives a stream only aa
inch and a half in diameter after a
fall of more than 5,400 feet

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