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am glad to inform him that MAN is
NOT losing respect for women. In
fact, MAN is learning to respect her
more and more each year as he
learns that mentally she is his equal
and morally she isfar superior. If
Mr. Tompkins will have someone look
up the statistics of our state prisons
for him he will find there are 87
males to 13 women confined therein.
Also, if he will have someone read an
cient history to him he will learn that
it was during the stone age that
women were not respected, and mod
ern literature teaches us that at the
present time males with stone age
ideas (if any) do not respect women.
No MAN that respects his mother,
sister, wife or daughter will lose re
spect for women because a few have
fallen victims to males in men's at
tire and others have to work for star
vation wages that man is directly re
sponsible for.
Man has always been in power, and
the working class in this country
constitutes about 90 per cent of the
voters, and if these all-wise bipeds
haven't brains enough to say what
share of their production they shall
keep when they have a voting major
ity of 9 to 1 I don't see how he ex
pects women to stay in a home they
have not got and wait for some man
(that hasn't brains enough to com
mand a salary sufficient to support
himself) to come along and marry
I admire a boy or girl that wants to
go to work as soon as they have fin
ished their education, for it is con
ductive to good health and good
morals, and they ought to have the
opportunity of doing so under good
conditions and at good salaries.
And now that men have made such
a stupendous botch of things, I would
like to have them disfranchised and
women given control, and see if, in
less than a tenth of the time that
man has been in power, we would
still have a world where 90 per cent
of the people would be giving up 53
per cent of what they produced to 10
T per cent of idlers, and where, if they
rebelled against conditions worse
than slavery, to have a gang of thugs
and gunmen turned loose on them
and their's, and killed with gun and
bayonet and fire, a world where thou
sands live in huts and hovels worse
than animals and their children die
like poisoned flies for want of nour- r
ishing food, pure air and heaven's L
sunlight; or, would these kind and
loving mothers, sisters, wives and
daughters give us a world where
thrones have crumbled and where
kings are dust and the aristocracy of
idleness has perished from the earth.
A world without a slave, where
mankind at last is free, where na
ture's forces have by science been en
slaved. Lightning and light, wind
and wave, frost and flame, and all the
secret subtle powers of earth and air
are the tireless toilers for the human
A world at peace, adorned with
every form of art, with music's my
riad voices thrilled, while lips are
rich with words of love and truth a
world in which no exile sighs, no
prisoner moans; a world on which
the gibbet's shadow does not fall; a
world where labor reaps its full re
ward; where work and worth go hand
in hand; where the poor girl in trying
to win bread is not driven to the des
perate choice of crime or death, of
suicide or shame.
A world without the beggar's out
stretched palm, the miser's heartless
stony stare, the piteous wail of want,
the livid lips of lies, the cruel eyes of
scorn ; peopled by a race without dis
ease of flesh or brain shapely and
fair, the married harmony of form ,
and function where life lengthens,
joy deepens, love canopies the eartn;
and over all in the great dome shino
the eternal star of human hope.
G. H. Curtis, 784 Elm St., Winnetka,
yw?-" REALLY!
George Tut;, auu Lillie Pullem ara
sweethearts in Houston, Tex.

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