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uplifting institutions axe giving away
money to attract attention to the giv
ing, so as to detract attention from
how they get it We find them try
ing to get rid of the money as
though it were a cancer.
How much better it would have
been if all this money they are now
giving away had been put into the
pay envelopes of the men who helped
to earn ft H. C. Hollenzer, 1053
xveysume av.
cient iniquity, the poll tax law, which
was invented for the express purpose
of impressing upon serfs their bond
age to the owners of the soil upon
which they lived, has been kindly ex
tended by the last legislature to the
inhabitants of Chicago. The working
men and women, and the children
also, should sit up and take notice of
this change.
The poll-tax will not be large, but
it will, if not resisted, be the badge of
submission to the slavery of work
ing men and women to the lords of
the soiL '
The amount to be collected from
the individual will be so small that
it will not pay the expense of col
lection, but it is a notification to the
poor and the disinherited that they
must pay their little tribute to the
people that own the earth.
There is but one just and equitable
source of public revenue and that is
the value of land, irrespective of im
provements. Every other tax is a tax
upon labor and the products of labor
and tends to reduce the wages of la
bor and increase the expense of liv
ing. Workingmen and women should
watch every move of legislators and
ft of taxing bodies and fight every tax
mac uura nut, oquaic yviuj. uguicuus-
ness, justice and equity. Ceo. V.
Well?, 6050 South Park Av.
notice that some of your readers
claim that Miss Murphy was dis
charged from her position as ass't
sup't of schools because she was Irish,
and that Mr. Loeb, a Jew, on the
board of education took an active
part in his dismissal. Now, there are
only two Jewish members on the
board, Messrs. Loeb and Lipsky. The
latter did not vote at Miss Murphy's
trial. Then ten Gentiles and one Jew
ousted Miss Murphy, so it wasn't re
ligion after all.
I wonder, anyway, what difference
it makes to you dear reader whether
Miss Murphy, Cohen or Sweitzer is
ass't sup't of schools. It's a joke to
waste time on such a subject, when
there is the problem of raising wages
and bettering working conditions up
before us. P. C.
who missed hearing Walsh, MotheF
Jones, Lord and Pitzpatrick speak at
the Garrick Sunday missed a treat
Walsh is one of the few public of
ficials who are not afraid to do their
duty. He spoke eloquently in behalf
of John R. Lawson. Lawson's offense,
it appears, was to let the public know
how the mining companies had set
up a government of their own in Col
orado. Their control of the courts is
a little bit of anarchy that the kept
press doesn't say much about An
archy consists only of letting bombs
lie around carelessly in respectable
surroundings, you know. Mr. Walsh's
address was the strongest indictment
of our rotten judicial system that the
public has ever heard.
Mother Jones surprised us with her
physical vigor. Her unceasing efforts
in behalf of union labor endears her
to every working men. She stamped
the average American worker as a
moral coward, afraid to stand up for
his rights. What she said about the
union man who votes anti-labor
judges into office made some ears
ring. Every little while the kept press
tells us who are the greatest Amer
ican women. Somehow they over
look Mother Jones. She is greater
than all the others combined.
Lord and Fitzpatrick pointed ou
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