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tude of some of the new judges elect
ed June 7 that they are a portion of
that section of the legal fraternity, a
majority of which holds membership
in the Chicago Bar ass'n, which has
commercialized, degraded and de
based a once exalted profession. It
makes no difference on what day or
season of the year a judicial election
is held, the same results follow.
Corporation lawyers, and those
who take their orders from the "trust
magnates,' the managers of the
"trust press," and who as judges will
be subservient to the orders of the
inner circle of the "C. B. A.," are in
variably elected. The majority of the
voters are too ignorant to be trusted
with a ballot, so they have to take
the advice of these two shams, he
"C. B. A." and the "trust press," by
voting he ticket nominated by one
"fake," and recommended by the
And so for an additional $2,000 a
year the newly-elected judges are
holding out, refusing to subscribe to
the oath of office, allowing the claims
of the widows and orphans, the
maimed and the helpless, seeking ju
diciary relief, to wait till they get
"gpod and ready" to start the legal
machinery in motion. What stronger
argument do you want in favor of
"judicial recall" than the selfish, sor
did motives of these high (?) class
lawyers, whose superb legal (?) abil
ity and exalted judicial (?) tempera
ment is the "halo" that decks their
brow and charms the "damnphool"
voters taking their gospel from the
"trust press" into electing them.
Judges are clamoring for higher
salaries. How many of them earned
in private practice one-half the sal
ary they now receive for "guessing
away" the lives, liberties and proper
ty of the unfortunate litigants who
seek justice at their hands?
Twelve circuit and superior judges
have been added to the Cook county
benches in four years. Yet the cal
endars are crowded while country
Judges are brought here at a cost to
the taxpayers to help out Still the
congestion goes on. If 100 circuit,
municipal and superior court judges
were added to our local courts no
better results would be forthcoming.
The judicial machinery moves at a
snail-like speed. Te judges owe obe
dience to no man or set of men. With
them the motto is: "The people be
damned!" When judicial candidates
will be obliged to undergo a
"civil service" examination before
eligible to seek office a better class
of lawyers will wear the ermine. Then
the bench will not be dominated, con
trolled or dictated to by the two big
"trusts," the C. B. A. and the press.
When this happens justice and
equity in Cook county will no longer
be a sham and a byword of reproach.
ANSWER TO T. S. S. You have
asked a question, which I'm afraid
would take up too much space if I
should go into details, but at any rate
I will endeavor not to be prolix.
'My opinion is, a man has a right
to know all, and the girl likewise, but
It do not approve of the peeping sys
tem. If I thought worth while of a
girl I could not belittle her in that
manner, and I should sure lose self
respect of the girl and myself. There
is no better way to know a girl than
by her ways and actions, her former
company and her present company.
If you think of each other very
much what you cannot find out that
way, if you have the right to ask, ask
her. I will assure you she will tell
you the truth. In love affairs I think
women are more truthful than men.
I have found it so in several cases.
But do not be a sleeper while in their
company. They are always cunning
and on the alert You must use a
psychological mind. If you love a
woman it is not best to know too
much. Bury the past If you are any
judge at all you will have no trouble
in finding your equal. But here is
the great trouble, man wants more
than he can give (morality), liave.

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