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say that "it is appropriate that the
business interests who rely upon the
Illinois National Guard for the pro
tection of their property should show
their appreciation by contributing to
the expense of the trip." Can any
thing be explained in more simple
terms? V. H.
GOVERNMENT. -I have read Mr.
J. L Granger's article, "What Govern
ment Will Be in the Future," and
agree with him that there is now a
strong demand for a "scientific form
of government The time is approach
ing when there will be an emphatic
revolution of society and government
and it will witness, in my opinion, the
ushering in of Socialism.
The opinion of mine happens to be
the opinion of over 50,000,000 other
men and women all over the world.
Every one of those 50,000,000 peo
ple is working" with all his might to
make others see his views and any
one who will look at the statistics
showing the growth of the number of
Socialists can see that the efforts J
nave been anytning but a failure.
But why does such an immense j
number of people believe that Social
ism will he the future form of gov
ernment? Simply because it fulfills
the conditions that are stated in Mr.
Granger's article. "It satisfies, at
least to some extent, the demands of
reason and the more developed sense
of justice which comes with the de
velopment of human intelligence and
consequent scientific developments."
It guarantees to every man the right
to work (at a trade of profession
which his talent is best suited for)
and enjoy tie full products of his
labor, and also to have a thorough
Socialism is as natural an outcome
of capitalism (which is now decaying
and rotting) as capitalism was an
outcome of feudalism. The only
question now Is, "How soon win the
future government come ? How soon
will the working man (20th century
slave) wake up and demand. his free
dom." Let us take the hint of Karl
Marx: "Workingmen of the world,
unite! You have only your chains
to lose. You have a wold to gain."
Kurt Dreifus, 3719 Rokeby St
Williams wants short brief answers
to the following questions:
If a 5 per cent tax is laid on gro
ceries in the stores will the price rise
or fall?
If a 5 per cent tax is laid on the
400,000 -vacant lots now held idle
right here in Chicago will the price
of lots rise or fall?
Here are the short, brief answers:
The price of groceries will rise.
The price of lots will f all. C. J. F.
WAR. America could have made
itself famous for all time but for Its
greedy rich. This country should be
a leader in better and bigger things.
This everlasting talk of humanity is
becoming very tiresome. Why not
practice what we preach instead of
spraining every nerve to supply the
different nations (barring Germany)
with war supplies of every descrip
tion for fear the war might come to
a sudden end our poor millionaires be
unable to gain their much-needed
A fire will burn only as you feed it
U. S. A. is certainly doing the feed
ing. Do you not believe in retribu
tion? I do. There is one judge on
high who will place the responsibility
where it belongs. This accursed
blood money will not pave a way
there. It will not be found legal. That
much every right-thinking person
The treachery of Judas was just as
legaL However there seems to be a
loophole for every crime if we only
look for it I wish to ask: Why do
not neutrals act as such instead of
being a shield for allies? There are
plenty of neutral ships for those that
cannot stay at home out of harm's
I would appreciate very much tq

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