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right to take up space that belongs tc
relatives of dear ones. But evidently
some selfish people do not think as
I do or else they were extremely
thoughtless. When father died there
was a woman who went to every fu
neral in town, and sure enough, she
was there to view the corpse. We
were never even on speaking terms
with her, but she came again when
W mother died and I just can't describe
I the sickening feeling that came over
me on both occasions when I beheld
this stranger gazing on what was left
of the best friends I ever had. Tears
came till I could not see. I resolved
then never to gaze or gap at other
good people's deceased loved ones. It
is extremely selfish and people who
do it ought to be scolded good. It is
not fair, shows a lack of breeding or
willful impudence. Is not the sorrow
great enough for those left behind
without heaping on added coals of
fire? We may not always be able to
. give money, but we can certainly give
thoughtfulness. When we stop to
consider it, what real pleasure is I
mere in aomg mings mat nurtf Li&i
us show a little kindness to our fel
low townsmen and their families now
in mourning. Who knows when we
ourselves may be afflicted. Allen
Steven, 3325 N Ridgway Av.
une recently printed a piece that the'
railroads and restaurants were short
of help on account of the war. There
are thousands of men out of .work in
Chicago and the majority of them
are willing to take anything in the
line" of work. The trouble is they
can't get it without paying for it, and
most of them haven't the money to
pay The employment offices want
from $2 to $5 for common laboring
jobs. A man isn't going to pay out
his last dollar for a job he knows
nothing about or how long it will last.
What is it coming to when men have
.to pay to work?
The employment offices should be
iken over by the state or govern-
ment and run free of cost to the ap
plicant. What few free employment
offices there were in Chicago were
closed recently though they were
full of men every day looking for
work. If they were all free and If
the business men would advertise
more for their help it would give a
lot of the down-and-outs and unem
ployed a chance to work. A. Wil
liams, 2603 Prairie Av.
I have been reading the senate in
vestigation of the school board deficit
held at La Salle hotel. But the inves
tigation fails to show much light on
the deficit One trustee says that he
knows the board will lose vast sums
of money by the recent laid appraisal
of school lands on State street But
he advises us strongly to accept this
appraisal, as we will lose more" than
this amount if we carry It to court
during the long years of litigation, so
he claims. And this is all the light
the investigation gives on the tremen
dous loss to the schools owing to
land leases and the appraisals of
land on State and Dearborn streets.
Another trustee admits that the
schools lose vast sums of money in
buying land sites for schools. Then
he says nothing can be done to pre
vent such "steals." Forget it again!
And the investigation is closed on
another cause of a deficit
But when they come to speak of
Mrs. Young how their tongues are
loosened. How contradictory are
their statements!
"I will say' to the credit of Mrs.
Young that I believe her to be abso
lutely honest She would not. spend
funds unless she got absolute returns.
But I do npt think she should have
the power. That should be left to
a business manager."
Where in the world can you find
better qualifications for a business
manager than this trustee attributes
to Mrs. Young?
In another breath this trustee says
that be did not vote for Mrs. Young,

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