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guilty of? Do you think war will be
possible if all do as I do, or will do
if war was declared in this country?
Now, Mr. Christian, disprove that I
am a better man for refusing to mur
der you. John Morley, 3355 N. Ham
lin .Av.
reading one of the "trust" papers, the
News, of July 30, I read with horror
the statement of the expense of one
of the victim's funerals. Of all the
beautiful tributes that have been
written and published since the East
land disaster, less than one week, it
seems that nothing can soften the
hearts of some of these "parasites"
and leeches. The "trust" papers in
formed the public that clergymen
would officiate free of charge to the
funeral discourses, but to my dismay
the News informs us of one victim
who has had to pay for rental of can
dles, candelabras and fees for a
priest's service. Ye gods, when will
this grafting off the dead cease? It
is time that people cease giving to
further funds until they know that
their hard-earned cash is not paid for
"masses" and "repose of the dead."
If any Protestant ministers charged
fees I hope they will be exposed also,
but I bet dollars to doughnuts they
gave their services. Oak Park.
I quit various lodges entirely as I did
or stayed away half of the time.
Many a wife dreads to see her hus
band go to lodge because she knows
what will happen after lodge. A few
old topers in a lodge will do more,
harm to the order than anything else,
for they cause good mento stay at
home, drive out members and cause
new candidates to hesitate about
joining. No man can compromise
with booze and be a permanent suc
cess. No association of men can ex
pect to enlarge its sphere of helpful
ness and goodness while continually
catering to saloons an"d its votaries.
Did some lodge lose in members last
year? Guarantee to wife that hus
band will not be urged to drink by a
fellow member and attendance will
increase. Allen Steven, 2538 N. Cali
fornia av.
unfair to offer unjust criticism
against either an individual or asso
ciation of individuals, but at this time
it is most opportune for someone to
condemn the practice of various club
or lodge members attending late sa
loon meetings after lodge. Some
years ago I joined a good order, but I
dropped out because so many of its
members insisted on drinking the va
rious spirituous intoxicants in bar
rooms adjacent to the lodge hall. The
influence of such members was bad
and I so dreaded their constant urg
ing to have another drink that I sim
ply quit the lodge entirely. Many
have told me since that they have
Will you please explain to me why a
fish does not drown in water the same
as a human being. Wm. Henderson..
It seems that nature decided that
fishes should live in water and human
being should live on land, and there
fore fishes are provided with gills
and human being are provided with,
lungs through which to breathe. Now
the great difference between gills and
lungs is that gills can breathe the
oxygen found In water and they can
not breathe the oxygen which is
found in air. Without oxygen neither
man nor beast nor fish can live. So
the fish with his gills formed by na
ture to take from water the life-giving
gas, oxygen, can live under wa
ter. Creatures who breathe through
lungs, human beings and the lower
animals, can live only on land where
their lungs get plenty of the oxygen
which is one of the many gases that
make up air.
TO LEROY NOYES. Find a Mason!
who objects to the July 28 quotation
then I will give myself up. If quot
ing is a crime, what do you think of
the original writer? C. H,
r ,-T .,...1rr .

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