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Jews, then remove the cause. De
stroy the competitive system and you
will kill the incentive which lead men
to hunt after "filthy lucre."
After all, there are only 2 per cent
Jews of the population of Europe,
and less than one-tenth of 1 per cent
of them who own wealth. Then why
fear the Jews?
It is strange that when men of oth
er religious sects accumulate fabu
lous fortunes such as Rockefeller, no
charges are made against them, but
they are held up as examples to be
So long as hatred is fostered
against Jews and negroes so long will
hatred be the ruling passion of man
kind. As Renan has well said: "Com
mon sorrow unites a people far
stronger than common joy."
So long as one set of men hate an
other set so long will they live sep
arated and impede the wheels of
Let us give up the outworn super
stition that there are inferior and su
perior races, and let us recognize that
the intellectual factor can and will ul
timately draw us together, and the
lack of reason develops prejudice.
Is there a man born yet who can
definitely prove that mankind is di
vided into a few permanent varieties?
Science proves that the resemblances
are greater than the differences,
hence, they conclude that all proof
is in favor of a common ancestry.
The Jew as well as the Frenchman,
German and Englishman is" of mixed
blood and science doubts the exist
ence of pure races.
The hatred of the Jew by the Gen
tile is not because he has any innate
racial qualities, but because he has
figured in European religions so
prominently and thus gave the
clergy a free hand to plant the seed
of hatred by keeping up the most
fallacious changes against the Jew.
It may be positively asserted that
had religious persecution never been
incited against the Jew in Europe
there would not have been a Jewish J
question confronting the world to
day. Let us get together and help to
exorcise the demon of racial hatred,
the greatest curse of all the ages. In
its place let us substitute and foster
human love and spread the truth that
there is a unity of purpose in all
human beings.
Let us throw away the false no
tion that each people are in posses
sion of a separate soul for all human
beings can enjoy a play of Shakes
peare or a sermon by Mr. Isiah with
out even knowing their nationality or
race. Let us throw our old prejudices
and our ideas of race destruction to
the Necropolis where the old Gods
dwell and let us focus our moral en
ergies on earth. Sam Druck.
WHAT'S IT WORTH. I would like
readers of The Day Book to help me
fix a scale of prices for rewards.
Some seven years ago I was walking
east on, I believe, Warren avenue
about two blocks west of Robey
street, at about 6:30 p. m., in the mid
dle of December. There was a ter
rific wind and snow and close to zero
weather. There was vacant prop
erty there on the north side of the
street and I wandered over into this
field until I stumbled over a fat man
who was down on all fours on a small
ice pond. His coat sleeves were froz
en to the icy snow and he looked like
a walrus spread out. He was drunk
as a lord and laughed with a sleepy,
silly laugh. I said: "Well, brother,
what is the matter?" He said: "Are
you a brother of mine? I am only a
blue lodge man." I replied: "We are
ail brothers in this world and belong
to the same human family." He wore
a diamond ring as large as a hickory
nut, which I could have taken. He
was just limp, but I learned by a
card in his pocket where he lived
and struggled until I got him home,
about two blocks away. The servant
let him in the back way. He roused
himself enough to tell me to come to
that saloon across from Lewis Insti
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