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the new day I had a few words with
"Ned," I said, "if you had been cut
out fairly I wouldn't waste much sym
pathy on you. But that blackguard
is only amusing himself. That's his
fun. He wants to break her heart
and then go back to the city. I've
watched him try it on some of the
other girls here. Ned, be a man."
'Td like to thrash the fellowl" said
Ned, doubling his fists.
"Why don't you?" I asked, looking
at his husky build. "It would do him
good. And it would show Miss Dor
othy who's the better man."
"I can't thrash a fellow for taking
my girl away," said Ned. "It's up to
me to keep her."
"Thats true," I answered, "but
thrash him for being a blackguard.
Thrash him on general principles."
What's that?" asked Ned, and I
tried to explain. I painted Phillips'
character as it apepared to me. "Are
you going to let Miss Dorothy's heart
be broken?" I inquired. "Of course
you'll win her back afterward. But
is the game worth candle, looking
at it from the woman's viewpoint?"
"No, sir," said Ned, and I knew that
he had made up his mind.
I saw the two together most of the
day, and I wondered when Ned would
bring off his coup. He chose the best
time after dinner. They were walk
ing in the grounds, and I suppose I
had no business to follow Ned when
I saw him go after them,- but I want
ed to see Dorothy's eyes opened, and
that is my only excuse for what I
I saw Ned go up to the couple and
speak to Phillips. I don't know what
he said, but I heard Phillips' snort of
"Can you fight?" Ned demanded
"I can whip a dozen like you," Phil
lips retorted.
"Then I'm going to thrash you on
general principles," said Ned, and I
could hardlp keep from clapping my
hands and crying "bravo!"
Miss Dorothy had hardly recovered
from her surprise when the two were,
at it, hammer and tongs.
I had not expected Phillips to put
up much of a fight, but it was a casev
of Ned doing his best to stop Phil
lips' rushes. After the first minute
Phillips knocked Ned down, and
when he got up Phillips let him have
it again. Ned didn't get home more
than once, and in the end Ned was
stretched out upon the ground, half
unconscious. It had been Phillips,
from beginning to end, and he hand
led his fists in a very creditable way..
I suppose it was fear of the public
ity, but all the while the girl stood
there like a statue, and never moved
or spoke. Nobody saw me, and I felt
pretty badly to see how my plot hadt
miscarried. Because my idea had)
been to show the girl what a coward)
Phillips was, and, instead, it was Ned
who got the thrashing".
"Had enough?" sneered Phillips,
standing over Ned. Ned groaned; he
couldn't raise himself from the
"If this brute has had his lesson
let us continue our walk, Miss;
Raines," suggested Phillips.
And suddenly the girl turned on)
him with flashing eyes.
"You brute!" she cried. "How dare
you! How dare you fight a man
weaker than yourself! Go away at
once! Do you hear me?" She
stamped her foot like a fury.
The next moment she was kneel
ing at Ned's side, calling him all the
endearing terms in her vocabulary
Her arms were around him, and with
her skirt she began sponging away
the blood that covered his face. "For
give nie, Ned," she was sobbing.
I went away then, because I real
ized that I had no business there.
But it seems strange to me; I had
thought a woman loved strength in a
man, but if Ned had beaten Phillips
he would have lost her forever. It
sort of upset my ideas and at my
age one doesn't like that.
Phillips departed the next morning

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