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lng" for nickels, but when capitalists
are looking hard for laborers that
occupation will languish. A job is
what any one does getting wealth
from the earth growing, adapting
or exchanging earth's products.
C. F. Hunt -.
vestigation of the board of education
held at the Hotel La Salle has not
passed the pencil or coal "steal" as
yet I may be very impatient, but I
wish they would get to the big
"steals" in the school sites and in
the "steals" on school lands in the
loop district
As I see it, much time is taken by
the enemies of Mrs. Young to oust
her &mi the superintendency ever
sincthas taken that office. And
whyBBnave never been able to find
one valid reason. Her record has
been that of an honest, efficient pub
lic official.
It seems to be that much dust has
been raised to blind the public to Mrs.
Young's good qualities.
Even the religious issue has been
raised. It has been circulated that
Mrs. Young has been favoring Cath
olics ih her appointments.
That she even had an altar in her
room at the Hotel La Salle. Some
have written to The Day Book, if I
remember rightly, asking of what
church she is a member.
Now, in the last session of the in
vestigation the Catholics are out
raged. Mrs. Young says that the re
porter did not quote her correctly.
And thus it goes, public swayed
first one way and then another, but
all the time it looks to me the real Is
sue is avoided. How does Mrs.
Young stand in regard to graft, the
big steals in land sites and appraisals
of school lands?
There is no accuser, not even
among her enemies, to say she is in
collusion with any graft or steal from
school sites down to school books or
pencils. Then we can say we have
a a honest superintendent I
1 As an educator her fame has gone
north, south, east, west, across our
fair land! Then why this unceasing
effort to oust Mrs. Young from our
I can believe only that some of her
enemies have an ulterior object in
view in trying to oust her from her
position. Stop throwing the dust of
religious issues in our eyes. Let us
try to find the real issue.
Try Mrs. Young on her record as
an honest, efficient and wise admin
istrator of our public schools and I
believe she will not be found wanting.
In the meantime, hasten with the
school sites investigation and the ap
praisal of school lands. Do not let
us lose sight of these vital issues in
our religious bickerings.
Yours for the truth. A. J. T.
please why the sun fades the color
of clothes? Housekeeper.
That the sun fades or burns the
color out of certain fabrics every
housekeeper has learned from experi
ence and so she hangs her colored
clothes in the shade on washday.
This, in brief, is what happens. The
color in cloth is a chemical substance
or dye. Sometimes it is "fast," but
very often it can be faded or burned
out of the fabric, or as the scientists
say, oxidized. The sun's rays have
power to cause a chemical change
in these color substances, it burns
or consumes all or part of the color
in the cloth. When it does this we
say the clothes have faded.
Oxygen, which is one of the ele
ments that make up the air, acts with
the sun in causing colors to fade.
o o
She bought a fifty-dollar hat;
The price had little weight
He was a million dollar fish,
And she used the hat for bait!
o o
One touch of good luck makes the
whole world your kin, bo.

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