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SIONS. As I travel from city to city,
as I have dgne for the past four
years, investigating poverty condi
tions, one feature stands out strong.
In cities where labor unions are
strong, poverty is much less than in
cities where unions are weak, and
where unions are strong mothers'
pensions are strong.
In San Francisco, which is a strong
union city mothers of dependent
children will get $300,000 in pensions
the year. The labor unions of San
Francisco were the means of induc
ing Unijted States congress to ap
propriate $5,000,000 to the exposi
tion and much of -this money waa
paid at the rate of $7 a day to union
labor, who built the exposition.
Montana has just enacted a moth
i ers' pension law, the 26th state to do
'so, and the labor unions of Helena,
where I am now, will see that pen
sions are paid here.
The 26 states operating the moth
ers' pension system will pay $10,000,
'000 in pensions this year, $20,000,000
'next year and $50,000,000 in 1917.
Henry Neil, Helena, Mont
debate of this kind, to be announced
in The Day Book, if accepted by E. Y.
John Morley, 3355 N. Hamlin Av.
WANTS DEBATE A party signed
; E. Y. takes exception to my statment
of the false delusion of fighting for
your country in my article in issue of
I July 7, and gave me an awful roast-
mg, but did not sign his full name
and no address, so I could write to
him to clear what he doesn't under
stand. Ther&are many workingmen
who do not understand their class in
terest and will shoulder a gun be-
cause a king or some capitalist orders
Ihim to do so.
The laws protect capitalists only,
with a few exceptions. If this man,,
on the other hand, is a parasite or
rich, I know I cannot convince him
,and will challenge him to a debate on
any street corner in Chicago. The
Day Book readers can be judges in
deciding who Is right or wrong in a i
THE BEULAH HOME. I have read
Jessie Hague's defense of Beulah
Home in The Day Book of Aug. 11
withwnuch interest. From her article,
and from one previous, we learn the
following facts:
1 That the institution does not
have to buy food, as it is donated to
the home.
2 That the number of inmates
averages about 40.
3 That the Institution is taking as
much out of their inmates as they
can get
4 That the inmates are perform
ing all the manual labor for the in
stitution free.
From the first fact it follows, that,
if the food is donated, how is it that
the management cannot get the other
necessities just for the asking, as
coal, ice, light, etc.?
If the institution has to pay these
bills it only proves that the Beulah
Home is not a charitable institution,
but is supported by the inmates or
by the proprietor of the home, Mr.
2-3 That on the average the instl
tion gets $2,000 every six weeks, the
period Margaret had the privilege of
staying in the home. But it is doubt
ful whether the others who "shield"
the father of the baby and who don't
pay the institution, are allowed to
stay 6 weeks. In that case the $2,000
would average in shorter period than
six weeks.
How do I get the $2,000? Taking
half of the (40) average Inmates,
who would tell who are the fathers,
and against whom the case can be
by the laws of this country, easily
proven and the sum of $100, which
Margaret had to consent to give up,
we get the above sum. In a year it
would come closely to $20,000. Out
of this sum has to be paid a doctor,
a couple of nurses and the several
other dJIs. Where does the charity

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