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do with the case of the spoiled milk.
But when it thunders the air is
charged with electricity the light
ning, you know, is electricity; the air
is also moist .and warm during a
thunder storm, aM these three things
the electricity, the moisture and the
warmth cause a chemical change to
take place in the milk and it becomes
report of the industrial relations
committee of the United States will
soon be submitted to 'congress. The
Manley section of the report is said
to declare that farm tenancy and
landlordism are increasing at an ap-
the result of unjust social conditions
that make the earth the private prop-
1 erty of the few and put the burden
of supporting governments and all
public institutions upon the shoulder
of labor.
Every move made to increase the
wages of labor takes no note of this
Kdouble burden carried by labor and
labor itself seems yet blind to the
fact The income of land owners
comes from rent of the bare land.
This rent is not the result of the
labor or capital of the owner of land,
but is the result of the co-operative
exertions of all the people. As pop
ulation increases and the ability of
the people to produce wealth in
creases, the proportion of wealth
palling rate. Three or more persons
occupy every sleeping room in 37 per i going to land owners increases at
cent of workers' homes. Twenty per I the expense of wages and interest
cent of school children are underfed
and undernourished and $500 per
year is the income of half of the wage
earners. Half the workers earn less
than $6 per week.
While a number of causes may be
Rent rises and the returns to labor
! and capital decrease. This condition
has brought about land speculation
and an abnormal increase in the bur
den carried by labor and a decrease
in labor's proportion of the wealth
contributory to this evil condition, it i produced.
is certain that there must be one ' The simple remedy for this condl
great and primary cause, and until ' tion is to abolish all taxes that fall
that is revealed and removed what
ever else we do will be useless.
Briefly I wish to call attention to
landlordism and farm tenancy, one
of the items named in that report.
Since civilization began we have al
ways had this problem of involuntar
ily poverty in its midst Students
and philanthropists have worked
over time at its solution and govern
ments have acted upon it. But every
one has dodged the primary cause
and everything that has been done
has failed to relieve and in most
cases made the condition of labor
In the social order there are but
three classes who have to be sup
ported by the productive labor of the
community. Paupers produce noth
ing, criminals produce nothing and
landlords as landlords produce noth
upon labor and labor products and to
j take for public purposes ground rent
A moderate estimate of this ground
1 rent in the United tSates is $60,000,
000,000 each year. If taxes upon
wealth were abolished and our pub
lic revenues derived entirely from
this fund, the wages of labor would
immediately rise. Opportunities for
the employment of labor would be
come abundant Land speculation
would become unprofitable. Land
ownership except for the purpose of
land using would be impossible and
equal economic freedom supplement
ing the political .freedom now held by
the people wpuld give us the ability
to solve social questions which -are
now inscrutable. Ceo. V. Wells.
o o
Georgia has thrown out old Demon
Rum so hard that he can't even an
nounce in her newspapers that he's
x'aupers and criminals are mainly , alive and kicking elsewhere.
' "- '

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