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I through the kidneys and bowels.
' Heretofore men -who didn't have to
work hard enough to sweat tried to
get rid of some of the poison at the
turkish bath.
Now the military training camp
may serve the same purpose and not
only get some of the poison out of
the system of the pot-bellies, but
harden their muscles and clear their
I hope they'll get some of the poi
son out of their minds, too.
RICH AND POOR. The arrest
that was made of a poor widow with
three dependent children in my opin
ion was an abominable act of injus
tice. What right have poor unfor
tunate people on this earth when
they are denied an honorable living?
Let he who arrested her work in a
sweatshop all week for $7 and main
tain support for himself and family,
and it wouldn't surprise me to hear
him howl like a wolf after prey. But
it seems justice and noble judgment
are entirely abolished where a living
wage for the poor laboring public are
in demand. How can one longer re
ispect such law? Marjorie Louise
Cuthbert, 1329 Clybourn av.
telligent person does wrong witting
ly it is with the express understand
ing that he take the consequences.
It takes a lynching-bee like that in
Georgia to bring us to a laudable de
sire to throw bouquets at ourselves.
Many of our super-sentimental peo
ple are cruel in a variety of ways. I
will venture that half of the howlers
about that southern atrocity would
not hesitate to trap, kill or maim
harmless animals, deal in or wear
plumes of birds that were tortured
worse than either or all of the men
that were lynched. You see, only
animals croak; human beings die.
And then we can see murder In the
hatred of a person, that is directed
against another who happens to say
or do things that he doesn't just like.
If all of the unsatisfied hates and
envies were let loose with a guaran
tee that the subject would escape the
wrath of the civil law the earth would
be all but depopulated In a short
time. We are still civilized only in
name. We are good not inherently,
but because we are afraid to be bad.
THE SOUTH. I have been read
ing so much in The Day Book of
people attacking the southern peo
ple. I am a northerner, but believe in
the southerners' way. I only wish
that the north had the same spirit as
the south. I believe they are the
greatest lawmakers in the country.
All of we thinking people know that
there is no law In the courts. There
Is only politics and graft, as was
shown in the Prank case by the gov
ernor of Georgia in changing his sen
tence. That is why I love the south
for taking the law in their own
If the law doesn't take its course
in court the brave people of the
south will take it in their own hands.
J. De Valdor wrote that they lynched
Prank because he was a Jew. I say
he is mistaken. They would do the
same to any man no matter what na
tionality he is. Black or white makes
little difference. There have been
nine white men lynched this year so
far. So it is not only the niggers.
There should be brave and noble
men in our own state that should
charge the Joliet prison and do the
same to Campbell, the nigger that
killed Mrs. Allen. When that case is
tried in court I don't believe there
will be justice done.
Just think! If it was our own sis
ter or daughter who was attacked
and slain, as happened in these
southern cases, would not our blood
boil to avenge them. People do not
realize till it happens to some one
dear to them and then they would go
and do the same thing. The south-

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