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fighters are to meet the opponent
with a smile. The Germans say,
"God punish England" and show ut
most hate to the enemy. Does this
feeling help the Germans to win? Did
David love his enemies when he went
forth to battle?"- How far must we
love negroes, Mexicans and Japs?
Nature always prompts us to pre
serve and propagate our specie.
Which helps the most, love or
hate? I know a big but plain man
who once met a big colonel on the
highway. This colonel said: "Get out
of the road; do you know who I
"No," replied the plain man. i
"Well, I am Colonel J. Pi C. Aryan
of Kentucky, sah," said the southern
"Well, do you know who I am?" re
plied the plain man.
"No, and I don't care," was the re
ply. ,
"Well, I am Jack Butterfleld and -I
am one of the followers", of Jesus
Christ who came into the' world to
cast out devils and I am going to
knock the devil out of you," and he
Whether he despised the big-headed
colonel who wanted all the road,
I don't .know, but I would like Mr.
Wells to tell us if a job Of this kind
can be done without the feeling of
hate. Now, Mr. Wells, everything
was put here for a purpose. Nothing
was made in vain.
When is hate to be used if it is not1
to be used on the devil? We cer
tainly should not hate or despise an
angel, a good soul, a beautiful char
acter, but what about a miserable,
shriveled, dried-up, sel&sh shrimp of
a landlord who knows no law but the
law of brute force and fight, who re
fuses to treat tenants decent if he
can get out of it My criticisms do
not apply to good landlords, and
there are some.
If Mr. Wells can get good results
loving these unfeeling almost un
human landlords I hope he loves
them. I believe they are too dense I
to return his love. The still, small,
voice known as conscience died in
the landlord's breast years ago when
he- began to accumulate property.
But, Mr. Wells, I will follow you if
you are right Allen Steven, 3325 N.
Ridgway av.
WE DON'T KNOW. Kindly an
swer in print the following questions
which were being debated recently
at a gathering I was attending: Does
the state of Illinois maintain a priest
at the Joliet penitentiary and Cook
county one at the County hospital?
I am informed in the affirmative. If
so, why the discrimination? No min
ister is employed at either. Oak
we get rid of liquor? Why, when we
get rid of the profit system! If there
wasn't money in the stuff it would
have disappeared from the earth long
ago. Let our prohibition friends
train their guns on capitalism. By
abolishing this evil they will cause
the downfall of the other eviL F. B.
BREATHLESS Will you please tell
me why I get out of breath when I run
very fast? A Little Boy.
When Little-Boy-Who-Loses-His-Breath
runs he throws a great deal
qf extra work on his heart; he runs,
he uses up more air than when he
walkB, just as the engineer uses more
steam when he speeds up his engine,
and he sets his blood rushing quickly
through his lungs where it helps itself
to oxygen, an element of the air,
without which the little boy nor any
one else can live. When the blood
flows rapidly the heart beats fast In
order to pump it through the body in
a rush. This extra-work makes the
heart tired and it sends a warning to
the brain that it's working too hard '
and that warning is shortness of5
breath. No wise little boy, or big boy x
either, runs after he begins to pant
for breath. f

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