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much discussion has arisen in the
art world of New York as to -the age
at which the American woman reach
es the zenith of her physical loveli
ness. There are many persons who Be
lieve that womandoes not cross the
meridian of beauty until between the
ages of 30 and 35, particularly wom
en living in the temperate zone,
which, of course, includes the Unitea
Some people place the age of wom
an's greatest beauty even later than
35. Caroline Otero, one of the great
est dancers of Spain, and for many
years the reigning beauty of all Eu
rope, announced not long ago that
woman is most beautiful at 40.
She said that artists all over the
world distort nature in their pictures
by putting the faces of 20-year-old
women on the bodies of 40-year-old
women. She said this was particu
larly true of painters of the nude, who
are forced to this compromise with
the facts because it is only the wom
an from 35 to 45 who has a good
On the other hand Emma Calve,
famous prime donna, told me that
she considers the young girl of 15,
who is beautiful without being con
scious of her effect, the most charm
ing thing in the world. And Helleu,
the great French etcher of world
beauties, once informed me that he
considers woman most lovely at 18.
I do not pretend to qualify as an
expert on female beauty. No woman
can. I selected a jury of the most
famous artists, illustrators and sculp
tors of the United States and wrote
to them, asking for their opinions.
Dear Miss Greeley-Smith Hy In
clination is to do anything you asK
me to. But I am too big a coward to
answer this question when put to me,
even by you. I am apt to change my
Opinion on "At what age is woman
most beautiful?" several times a day.
Only a very young man would dare
answer such a question. Please for
give me for being so timid. And,
aside from everything else, I don't be
lieve any man knows. I am sure I
don't Charles Dana Gibson.
Just as cautious and gallant as Mr.
Gibson is the reply sent me by Gutzon
Borglum, famous sculptor of "The
Lonely Lincoln." Here is Mr. Borg
lum's answer:
"At what age is woman most beau
tiful? At EVERY age. G. B."
Robert Henri, great radical among
American painters, sent what I think
is a wonderfully interesting answer.
He says:
"I think woman is most beautiful
when she is in her fullest freedom and
her fullest self-control. At such time
you cannot measure her. Her ma
terial perfections appear in new sig
nificance. I do not know at what
years or how often she may approach
this state. It surely may be any time
in her life, for both freedom and order
are according to the laws of nature,
and therefore simple and possible to
the young or the old. It is for this
reason, perhaps, that some of the
most fascinating women in the world
have not been such as could be put
coldly to the beauty doctor's test In
our memories live flashes of great
beauty the signs of freedom and of
balance. We have seen them in
women of all ages. Robert Henri."
Allen G. Newman, who made the
War and Peace monument at Atlanta,
Ga., is one of the most distinguished
of the younger sculptors. He was a
member of the jury which chose Miss
Cassassa and he votes boldly for 20
as woman's most beautiful age. Mr.
Newman says:
"Everything in this world develops,
reaches its climax and declines.
Woman physically is no exception.
There is an hour when she reaches
the height of her physical beauty and
it has been my experience to note
that in the case of the Americas
woman this occurs when she is aboi:
20 years old hardly ever later. At
letes reach their best in the early 2(ftr-
ana women develop earlier than men
which tends to confirm my view of

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