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of morality and the dictates of relig
ion. Page 486: We have incessantly
exhorted Catholics to enter associa
tions for bettering the condition of
the laboring classes under the
auspices of religion. Page 489 : Espe
cially must there be .appeals to the
kindly assistance of those who rank,
Worldly wealth and culture give
them importance in the community.
If their help is excluded, scarcely any
thing can be done. C. H.
CHARITY. The apologists of the
presejMSystem of society are con
stanHfevishing praise and giving
pubwBJytb the rich exploiters who
donaTea few thousand dollars to
charitable societies, but never say a
word about their methods of utilizing
every opportunity of exploiting their
They are ever ready to try to blind
the masses to the fact that in a so
ciety justly organized and in which
wealth is equitably distributed char
ity would be known no more.
They claim the false idea that Co
nors of charity are animated by the
highest motives and that they give
because they are good and sympa
thetic souls. The fact is that even
criminals have been known to aid
their victims, but never desist from
plying their trade.
I challenge any admirer of charita
ble institutions to prove on psycho
logical grounds that donors are not
acting from purely selfish interests.
Philanthropists take delight be
cause there are so many victims to
whom they can dole outa few crumbs
in order to inspire respect for them
selves in their victims, but never as
sume any responsibility in helping
to usher in a state of human rela
tions where charity will be known no
If they were really high-minded and
noble souls as they are claimed to be
then they would not obstruct social
progress as they almost invariably
do, but would remove the cause of
the curse of charity.
Charity is not a cure of social ilia.
It rather tends to drive society into
the very depths of disease. It re
moves a few social sores temporarily,
but drives the disease internally and
thus intensifies it a hundred-fold. It
is simply an inoculation of a mild
form of a disease for a greater.
The fruit of a social system which
necessitates the giving of alms is
weaklings, weaklings and underlings,
who seek succor, support and salva-
tion. It kills individuality and person
al initiative and fosters dependence
and humiliation.
Therefore, it is the duty of all liberty-loving
souls to enlist themselves
for the noble work of removing the
social system which makes such mis
erable conditions possible and to in
augurate a new system of society, a
society wherein each and every in
dividual will he given a chnace to de
velop his or her highest and best
Sam Druck.
JEWS AGAIN. The Jews have
suffered so much and often that the
following few words should read mo
notonously. But, pardon me, "they"
are torturing us again with new tools
of torment, and to an extent unpara
lelled before. Now it is in the terri
tory of the eastern battlefield, where
the Israel of Russia has been fenced
in, and through which the grand duke
is at present hurriedly leading his
equally grand armies homeward.
There, through the one year of this
world war the Jews' lot has been their
most terrible. Because they are Jews
their homes have been openly sacked
their men shot and hanged and their
women shamed. Jewish property has
been freely confiscated by the Rus
sian officialdom, and both warring
sides have found it profitable to tear g
from the indigent Jews of Poland and
Galicia its last provisions. Thousands "
are dying from need, and I know this
because by heart and my own blood
are there in the killing clutch of
And then the Polish patriot has al-

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