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fehe makes good that vow. Almost
penniless, after her heroic but futile
fight to save the life of the Gotham
police czar, they point out that as
soon as she can earn funds with
which to carry hertase. to the public
'in a convincing manner she will do so.
In school the children love Mrs.
Becker. And in her busy attention to
lier young pupils she can find means
to help her forget the sorrow that a
!ruthless fate has thrust into her life.
The farm boy wants a change of
Jife, he seeks the city's noise and
sights. He deems his lot to full of
strife, too long the days, too short
the nights. He wants to be a city
guy, with less of work and mpre of
play, and watch the swell dressed
throngs go by and blow a wad of
dough each day.
The city lad looks country-wise;
he's tired of the jostling crowd, the
din and blareand smoky skies and
hunting for a job about He wants
to be where horses browse and but
terflies and tadpoles swim, where
there are lots of pigs and cows and
each one is a friend to him.
Yet, by and by, each feels the loss
of homelike ties that lure one back
to where the childhood pathways
cross along the old familiar track.
It's hard for man- to change the ways
that youthful training has endowed.
There's but one way to preach first
place, that's,: Choose yourcourse and
tough it out
The man who seeks a useful task
and puts his heart into the work, will
find the light where victors bask and
leave the gloom" where losers shirk.
One has to get right down and dig to
make life's luring dreams come true,
and I'd rather be a "greased pig"
than a prize monkey in a zoo. Bill
Mrs. Jones had a singular boy,
So singular was this young Jone
That he never made more than one
And he played his duets all alone.
At school he was rather erratic
For, though mentally quick as a
He would study but one mathematic,
And when sick he had only one
Robert Rudd Whiting, in Century.
o o
A peek-a-boo waist never yet made
a man see-sick.
You cannot have health, beauty
and grace unless you have a perfect
ly poised body. This is the health
dictum of America's famous 1915
beauty, Kay Laurell, star of Zieg
f eld's Follies."
In the accompanying picture this
famous beauty shows the right and
wrong way to stand.
In the pose on the left the incorrect
way to stand is shown. The figure
has sagged with the weight of the
body on the heels. As the chest
sinks in the abdomen is forced out
tuto ungainly prominence. The lungs
io not get sufficient air and as a re
sult health and then facial beauty
Note the erectness and beauty of
the figure in the post shown to the
right -this Is the right way to stand,
the body perfectly poised. With the
weight of the body resting on the
balls of the feet, unconsciously the
chest is expanded and the head as
sumes an erect graceful position.
Here is an exercise .that all wom
en can do and if followed regularly,
will result in health, beauty and
Assume the correct standing posi
tion and then swing the weight first
to the right foot and then back to

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