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By Agnes Lee Meservey
(Copyright by W. G. Chapman.)
"Read it again, child."
" 'And thus thV-princely Scottish
refugee watched the diligent spider
ascend to its frail, self-formed cable,
only to fall back unsuccessful, but
undaunted. Finally, after many ef
forts, the persevering toiler reached
its goal and strengthened its web
staunchly, and the lesson pf patience
and victory caused Robert Bruce to
taken new heart of hope.' "
"Beautiful grand!" enthused old
Abner Post "My dear, what a lesson
of poor, impatient humanity! What
a model in hope and perseverance.
I declare! I feel quite encouraged."
Humble, simple-hearted Abner
beamed on the young girl who was
his adopted daughter, the sole com
panion of his old age. Then with a
brisk step and head erect he left the
house, whistling cheerily. There had
been a storm, and the broken clouds
were still scudding across the sky.
Way over in the east was the fading
outline of a rainbow.
" 'And Robert Bruce took heart of
hope" misquoted the old man.
" "Try, try againJ' Hope and faith
I've got them stronger than ever!
They change gloom into sunlight,
bring health out of sickness, success
out of failure and youth out of age.
Well, let's see what I can bring out
of that pile of truck over yonder."
Abner walked over to the edge of
the garden, capacious but straggly,
to where a heap of queer objects lay
piled. in a heap. They were formed
of glass and a stranger looking them
over would have wondered what they
were made for,. Two miles down the
river was a glass works. Abner had
gotten an idea. Itvwas to create
unique molds from which he could
have Chinese gods, Hindu divinities,
distorted dwarfs, grotesque" harle
quins in fact, a wide range of.oddf
objects made. It had occurred toi
1 him that these curiosities, sold cheap
and to be filled with spices, sugar,
vinegar and other products, would go
like wildfire for ornamentation and
display in grocery store windows. It
was one of the many "schemes" that
had marked his inventive experience.
So he had used up his last dollar
having the objects made, only to find
out that they were too clumsy, bulky
and nonartistic to suit his prospec
tive clients. The scheme fell flat
His entire stock lay heaped up on the
It Was a Squash, but Such a Squash!
refuse head in the corner of the
"They represent capital invest
ment," soliloquized Abner, rubbing
his chin reflectively. "Something
ought to come of them."
"What are you thinking about,
dear?" chirped the gentle voice of
Nellie, wlfo had stolen out after him
and, caressing one arm, stood look
ing longingly up into his face.
"Why, of you, of course," cried the
old man cheerfully. "Who else? I
(have been figuring what to do next
to get into some position of comfort
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