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grow less wolfish, the fully civilized
citizen may press an electric button
at his home and record at some head
quarters his initiative, referendum or
other preference, assembling a na
tional vote in a few hours. S. V. C.
married one. I don't expect anything
from a man except that he could not
give his men friends. For I have
plenty of vim and grit, or nerve, and
a mighy arm to protect me. Mrs.
I." L. R., 1314 W. Van Buren.
to speak about the war and every
thing in general. One man wrote no
boy should learn to be a soldier. Huh!
All right! Does the enemy think of it
that way? One darling of mine is
in the navy, the other is 10 years old
and a boy scout To maintain peace
we should prepare for war. In power
lies peace, good will; and God is with
the nation, that has the biggest guns
and the largest army and navy.
I never had any education except
what I gave myself, and that was
very little. I can sew, cook, wash,
iron, make beds, sweep and raise big,
clean, healthy boys and girls.
A woman can be a good, clean,
healthy woman; education or no edu
cation, if she has the grit and self
respect and not so much church and
Sunday school. I had a stepmother"
who was a great church worker and
sent me to Sunday school three Sun
days. Then I ran away from home
at the age of 7 and I have not fallen
yet, and I don't thank God, I thank
I want to shake hands with that
man Emanon who wrote about
Thompson closing the saloons. I
don't drink, neither does my hus
band, but it throws so -many men
were the men who voted against
woman's rights in New Jersey the
other day? They were beer guzzling
and whiskey guzzling brutes, con
sumptives, wife beaters, pitifully ig
norant, superstitious, bigoted church
members, loafers and men who had
their price. If I ran for office I would
consider it an honor if such men
voted against me. Women of the
east, fear not such men. They can
not last "Let the name of the wick
ed rot." I do not blame these men
so much as I do the handful of men
higher up, such as the saloonkeepers,
divekeepers, brewers, distillers and
others who sit on the thrones held up
by poor, suffering mankind.
The game is to keep all humanity
ignorant, superstitious, full of sor
row, hate and drudgery. The best
way to accomplish all these things is
to deprive women of the vote, be
cause the minute women en masse
start to think the thrones of liquor,
vice, capital and church will topple
and fall with terrible crash. That is
why these forces spent millions of
dollars to buy every man s vote in
New Jersey. But, thank God, there
are some real men in New Jersey
although they lack a majority. It is
out of work. Then they will leave the leaders of the system I despise
the women work in those burlesques and not so much the pitifully ignor
that lure on young men trying to be ' ant followers of these dictators. Of
taught at home that all women are course, I despise the church dicta
good. I have been an actress since tors most, because they pretend to
I was 7 years old and sometimes I love humanity, while dictators of
would sing in cafes to help my hus- liquor and vice are honest enough too
band earn enough' to keep the house,
but I never cared about these public
dances and vulgar burlesques.
I find elder actors and actresses
the best people ever, for they are the
ones who taught me to be good and
clean and not to lie or steal, and 1 1 tainly were white at the election.
admit they are out for the coin.
Ladles of New Jersey, don't you
care! What can you expect with the
material you had? The little band of
fishernaen who never go to church,
who are in touch with nature, cer-
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