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It was odd, but at 11 o'clock, com
ing out of his club, Halliday was ob
sesed with the idea of seeing the Al
iens off and accordingly made his
way to the Grand Central. The train
started at midnight Half an hour
before that time -Halliday, strolling
through the waiting room, saw Allen
bending over a woman who was un
mistakably not his wife.
"Wait here a moment, dear, while 1
see about the trunks," he heard Al
len say. And, as he hesitated, not
wishing to give rein to his suspicions,
Allen departed and he saw before
him Isobel Blair.
The recognition was mutual. The
woman flushed, leaped to her feet,
and stood confronting him with
heaving breast.
"It is you, then. What do you
want?" she stammered.
Halliday took her by the hands. "I
came to see Mr. Allen and his wife
off," he said, emphasizing the proper
"You have come to spy!" she said,
bereft of all reserve. "Yes! Well,
look at me, then. I am going to
Texas with him, not his wife.
Halliday turned cold.
"I didn't know or guess," he an
swered gently. "But I am glad to
have seen you again. Do you remem
ber what you said to me, that you
would pray for me? Do you remem
ber how I told you that you had
saved a man's soul? I have always
remembered. That's all."
He turned to go, but she caught at
his arm.
"Listen to me!" she cried. "I have
remembered, too. I was cured at the
sanitarium. I suppose you lost my
address, and I never had yours. I
always thought of you. Three years
ago I married a man who was un
kind to me. We separated. Then
Jack Allen came into my life. He told
me he loved me, and I I hungered
for love I wanted a man's arms
aboufme, and his love. I didn't care
if he had a wife. I wanted love and
"Yes," answered Halliday. And in
his heart he was thinking, "how can
I reproach this woman who has
saved me?"
"If you had written it might have
been different You taught me that
there are good men. You meant more
to me than you ever imagined. And
you are married. Jack Allen told me
all about you. Now do you under
stand why I didn't care for anything?,
I loved you."
Halliday smiled gently. "I love you,
too," he answered, "but it is not a
love compatible with my love for my
wife. It is because you, who saved
me, always stood for something holy
in my eyes. Tonight an illusion is
gone, but "
"It is not gone," she cried.
And, as he looked at her inquiring
ly, she added, "You, too, have saved
a soul tonight Will you find me a
cab, Mr. Halliday? I shall not go with
Mr. Allen now not for my sake, but
because of his wife, and because I
I remember."
(Copyright, 1916, W. G. Chapman.)
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Universal has lengthened the serial,
"Graft," from sixteen to twenty epi
sodes. Raymond G. Nye, character man,
has rejoined Universal after a year
with Biograph.
Pearl White has added to her lau
rels by her splendid work in Pathe's
latest serial, "The Iron Claw."
Antonio Moreno and Dorothy Kelly
are featured in a new release by Vita
graph, "The Supreme Temptation."
Lucille Taft co-stars with Alexan
der Gaden inGaumont's "The Drift
er," released on the Mutual program.
Mary Pickford's next starring ve
hicle will be "Poor Little Peppina,"
a story from the Latin quarter of
New York.
Constance Collier, Morosco star, is
soon to tour America in a Shakes
pearean revival, co-starring with Sir
Herbert Beerhnhm Tree, celebrated
he wanted me'
v i English actor.
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