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new york. i just got back from
spending a cuppel days in the coun
try neer yonkers where my grandpop
lives & while i was there 1 went over
to see a kid what lives on the next
farm to my grandpop
this boy had some calves which his
father was raisin to be veel to sell
purty soon
and when me and the other boy
went out to where the calves was we
ha"d a good time chasing them around
the pastchure for they can run to
beet a trane engine -
his name was tommy, the boy what
i was playing with, and i am talking
purty soon tommy's dad comes out
with a young lady that had just come
from brooklyn what had never seen
a farm befour
i cood tell that as soon as she dis
plaid her ignoranse about farm stuff
which i know all about because i go
up to grandpop's farm lots of times.
when the swell dame comes to the
pastchure the calves were there too
she looked at them rumiing around
and having a good time with there
selves and she said, o, aint they the
purty littel things
yes, the farmer replyd, they are
verry purty
.i shood like to have 1 of them littel
cowlets for a pet, the young lady said
what did you call them, tommy's
dad inkwired
cowlets, she ansered, aint they lit
tel cowlets
no, miss, he said as he started to
go away, them is what you mite call
littel bullets
The musketry instructor had just
been giving a lesson on the rifle to
one particularly "green" set of re
cruits. At the end he asked: "Now,
is there any question you want to
One dull-looking Johnny Raw
stepped forward, blushing awk
wardly. "Yes, my man?" said the instruct
or, encouragingly.
"Plaze, sor," stammered the
searcher after knowledge, "is it
roight that the harder Oi pull the
trigger thing the farder the bullet
goes?" Tit-Bits.
o o
"What is your favorite musical
"Haven't picked it yet," replied Mr.
Cumrox. "But I'll say right now it's
going to be something my daughter
doesn't try to sing or play."
o o
"Is your sister at home, Bobbie?"
"I think she is; I heard her say she
wasn't expecting you."
A bore is a person who talks to you
when you want to talk to him. A fa
natic is a person who does not agrM
with you

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