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we read of thefts of jewels of great
value from homes of the fashionable
set. I wonder if the assessor ever
takes the trouble to scan his tax du
plicates to note if these people have
ever reported to him for purposes of
taxation jewelry to any such value
as newspaper reports place upon
them after a burglar is reported to
have done his work? H. V.
The clothing workers of Chicago are
again facing a strike situation on ac
count of the clothing barons not liv
ing up to the arrangements made at
the termination of the last strike.
The largest association 'firm, B.
Kuppenheimer's, was the first hit by
the Amalgamated, owing to the dis
charge of shop officers of the cut
ting and trimming dep't last Satur
day. As soon as the men found out
about the discharges a shop meeting
was held and a committee was ap
pointed to see the firm and demand
reinstatement of cutters discharged.
Sentiment throughout the city is
such that in all probability this move
will lead to another general strike.
The workers see that now is the
opportune time to establish good
conditions in the industry and pro
pose to take advantage of it. Most
of them are members of the union.
The cutters and trimmers are organ
ized 100 per cent F. Rosenblum.
wrote the following letter to Presi
dent Wilson today:
"It was brought to light in the trial
of the seven followers of Villa, con
demned to die on May 19 in New
Mexico, that they were ignorant of
where they were going at the time of
the raid on Columbus and that they
were forced to follow Villa under
penalty of death. If this is true, is
not the United States as guilty of
murder as the cruel bandit Villa in
putting these men to death? I cry,
plead and appeal to you, brother
president, in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ, who commanded us to
have mercy, that this murder shall
not be committed by the government
of the United States of America."
W. J. Standley, Cornplahter, Pa.
the Illinois vice commission came
out in the movies. Our friends, the
trust press and the State street bar
ons and starvation wage-payers, are
getting shocked. "Vice for 25 cents,"
says the Daily News. "The film is
Failing in their attempt to stop the
vice commission report fron being
published they are attempting to
ruin the picture, which deals with
the report, by trying to scare the
public to death through old news
paper tricks.
I think the public ought to reform
some of our publishers, instead of our
publishers trying to reform us. The
news does not think very much of
our people; it thinks they can be
spoiled by the truth. Newspapers
which depend on their advertisers
can be spoiled by the truth, not the
public. The vice commission's work
is both worth seeing and reading.
Abe Holzman.
Morose Frank Mercer is convinced
that there is in the world a great
amount of cruelty and injustice.
This universal suffering is personal
torment to him and his mental pain
reaches an intolerable tension, caus-1
ing him to irrigate his sadness in the- S)
famous D. B. Forum. He decrys our
lack of Christianity and "fullness of
God" (whatever that is). '
Probably Mercer never heard of
the thousand years in the history of.
Europe known as the "Dark Ages" L
dark because of complete mental and
moral stagnation and densest ig
norance due to Christianity's abso
lute supremacy! Socialism, which-

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