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them as so many petty, quarrelsome politicians if not
something much worse.
There is much doubt now as to what is really the trouble. Various
reasons have been given for the hostility of the Loeb faction toward the
Teachers' Federation. Among them are the desire of politicians to get
their fingers on the million-dollar pension fund to make the school
teachers part of a political machine to kill off the Federation because it
has made taxdodgers pay their taxes, because it is a labor union and has.
advocated humane legislation in the interest of the workers and because
it has fought the double-barreled system of vocational education boosted
by Big Business and still others believe that religious prejudice is at the
bottom of the whole job to. smash the Teachers' Federation.
I am one of those who do not believe that the anti-Catholic war is the
real reason for the bitterness of the fight on the Federation but I do be
lieve it is being used to whip some members of the school board into line
back of Jake Loeb.
I believe persistent efforts have been made to convince Protestants
that there is great Catholic plot to destroy the public school system, and
that the Federation is a tool of that church. But I believe the reason these
efforts have been made is that the foes of the Federation want to create a
public prejudice against the Federation, so that it may be the more easily
I think it is of the gravest importance that the entire public know the
whole truth about all of these charges and counter-charges. If the pur
poses of the Federation are unfriendly or actually hostile to the public
schools, the public ought to know it for if it be true then the Federation
ought to be crushed.
On the other hand, however, if this charge is an infernal lie, and is
trumped up to deceive sincere friends of the public school system, and for
sinister purposes of Big Business and rotten spoils politics, then the peopie
ought to know the truth about that
In my judgment it is mistaken policy and poor tactics to play the
pussyfoot with the religious issue. It is being used, and we all know it is '
being used. If it is being used wrongfully, then the less light we throw on
it the easier it will be for cunning politicians to make the most use of it.
I think that the quicker all patriotic Protestants and Catholics know
the whole truth about it, the better it will be for all of us for the public
schools and for politics in Chicago and Cook county.
There is nothing the American people are touchier about than their
free public school system. It is -the one American institution in which they
have the greatest pride, and for which they will quickest fight.
That's why it is often easy for designing politicians to play upon the
fears of real friends of the public schools, and then cheat them out of
their votes by making political use of these fears.
I can't believe that Mayor Thompson would knowingly and Resign
edly harm the public schools, yet I am convinced that one of the reasons
why he supports Jake Loeb's policy as president of the school board is beT
cause he believes Loeb is representing the enormous Protestant element
that carried him into the mayor's office on a tidal wave.
That is, I believe Thompson thinks he is pleasing and representing the
people who made him mayor a Republican mayor in a community nor
mally Democratic.

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